Underwater Post Process - How to setup the Z coordinate? - Help needed!

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Water and Swimming

Use the Underwater Post Process

My little swimming pool platform project

This swimming pool platform example is for the use of the "Underwater Post Process".

You can swim and dive with your avatar in the water and jump easily onto the dry platform, as in some public bathing lakes and some large public swimming pools.
So my simulation works fine.


To make it properly work, the Z coordinate of the "Underwater Post Process" must be 250,
which is quite... unexpected.
I expected 0.

Is this a bug?

It looks like the actual location point of your Underwater Post Process is probably considered to be the center of the cube that represents the swimmable area. So if you leave the z position at 0, it will be halfway underground and halfway above. It could be that the location point is at the top of the swimmable cube. If that's the case, you may want to raise it up even farther to 500, if your size height is set to 5.

Oh, I did not publish the data for the water cube and the platform,
as I pointed to the Github repository

Water cube, scale is X/Y/Z = 10 / 10 /5.
Platform, scale is X/Y/Z = 5 / 2 / 5 .

So if Z scale is 5 for the water, why is 250 the position for the Underwater Post Process ?

The cube I'm talking about is the volume box for the Underwater Post Process. I tried it out in mine and the location point on the volume box is located on the top of the box. (look at the where the gizmo is located)

When I make the z value for scale 5, then I need the position to be set at 500 if I want the volume located right on top of the ground. (If set for 8 then it needs to be 800, set at 6 it needs to be 600 etc.)

Hmmm... I am still confused.

Please load my model from GitHub into your CORE workspace,
explore it, and then please explain why Position Z=250.

If you can, please publish your model on GitHub too and tell me.

In my project, for scale = 5, I needed position z=250, not 500.