Unable to publish

Unable to publish game

Error message " Failed to upload game client zip Request failed"

Please help

We had the same error. After some search we found some UI stuff that was accidentally put in the server context.
Moving the UI things into Client Context made it work in our case.

I am still in the most basic phase of my game, I have only developed a terrain nothing else and so for testing I wanted to publish it as unlisted, so that I can test the multiplayer in different pc, but still I am unable to publish.

I haven't included any Ui or Imported any Community Content in my scene.

So, how can I solve the issue, please suggest me anyone.

This is a known issue effecting some games, I've had the same problem on and off for a couple of months. The Core support team are investigating, I recommend opening a support ticket so they can get more info from you. FYI if you haven't used support before then you will need to create an account. Your usual Core account doesn't work for logging into Support ( https://support.coregames.com/).