Tycoon Kit V2

Tycoon Kit V2

After months of work, comes Tycoon Kit V2, the sequel to the original Tycoon Kit which led to games that amassed over 25k total plays! With multiplayer support, big number support(Up to 4 Quintillion to be exact), Ore upgraders, Claiming Tycoons, Save, a 250 line documentation, and much more! This kit is designed to make making tycoons as easy as copy pasting a few things, changing some numbers on custom properties, and changing a few materials here and there. The great reception of the first kit has really inspired me to make this.

I will not be doing any major updates to this kit, although I may release a few patches incase bugs pop up. However I will likely work on a V3 kit with even more features and even easier to use.

After downloading from Community Content there will be a Read_Me file explaining how to use all the features, among other things.
There will also be a YouTube tutorial explaining how to use the template if you have no wish to read everything, will be edited into post upon time of release

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