Tumbleweed Typo Hunters

GAME NAME: Tumbleweed Typo Hunters
PLAYER COUNT: 1-4 player co-op
GAME LINK: Tumbleweed Typo Hunters by andyman404 - Core Games


In this gritty wild-west world made entirely out of 3D text, make a living as a freelance bounty hunter, tracking down misspelled words for a lucrative bounty.

Play through unlimited procedurally-generated towns and jobs. Experience tense high-noon showdowns, make a stand defending towns against overwhelming typo bandit gangs, and track down fugitives for bounty as you try to stay out of debt and stay alive. Form a posse with up to a 4-person co-op to take on more challenging jobs that would be too difficult for a lone typo hunter.


  • Add Leaderboards
  • More job types: train heist, wagon escort, outlaw camp raid, protecting the herd, culling the herd, rescue, speed shooting/spelling contest
  • More location types: graveyard, gulch, tribal town, plains, train
  • Word-horses and word-cattle
  • Word-horseback riding and related jobs

Please report all bugs! Constructive feedback and ideas are welcome!


Cinematic Trailer:

Cinematic Trailer (Youtube)


  • You run a freelance typo hunting business. Make money, don't go into debt. Everything you do has consequences.
  • Shoot only misspelled words, to collect bounties
  • If any of your teammate defeats a misspelled word, then you also get the reward.
  • Don't shoot correctly spelled words or property (you'll be fined, but your teammates won't be)
  • Normal bullets cost money at the time of firing. You can't fire normal bullets if you run out of cash.
  • Load up a free 1-shot kill "named bullet" by typing the correct spelling of your foe in the chat box. How long this bullet lasts depends on your "Swagger" trait. This is the wise way to play higher difficulty jobs.
  • Remember to use walls for cover, jump through windows, and use other words as human shields. The NPC words are not very smart.
  • Injuries cost money to heal. If you're critically wounded, a teammate can pay for your healing when in the field, when standing over your body.
  • Press tab to open up the shop/options menu, to level up your traits.
  • Depending on difficulty level, correctly spelled words may flee, fight back, or freeze, if they think they're being shot at. They have a very short memory of only about 10 seconds though, and will go back to their normal behavior if they're not still in danger.
  • This game uses American English spellings. I've tried to remove words that are different between British and American English, but if you find any, please report them!


  • Grit (chance to ignore damage when at 1 life)
  • Swagger (movement speed and named bullet duration)
  • Deadeye (shooting accuracy)
  • Fast Draw (fire rate)
  • Guile (chance to ignore bystander injury/death fees and property damage fees)
  • Savvy (chance to earn 3X rewards and avoid doctor's fees for healing)


Release 1.0.13 (April 17, 2021): This release has a ton of changes for making the game easier for newcomers and lone typo hunters.

  • CHANGED: Made the instruction on how to enter the game from the tutorial screen MORE visible. If after 8 seconds you haven't entered the game yet, big arrows will point to that instruction to type a greeting into the chat. You can't miss it!
  • CHANGED: Invulnerable for 10 seconds after joining the game from the initial mini tutorial screen. So that players don't immediately die when spawning into the middle of a high noon duel or hot town.
  • CHANGED: Invulnerable for 5-10 seconds after being revived, so that the same enemies don't immediately kill you again.
  • CHANGED: You can't revive yourself anymore. Only other typo hunters can revive you.
  • ADDED: A big red pillar to the sky appears over downed typo hunters so that teammates can find them more easily to revive them.
  • ADDED: Beginner's Lucky Grit - beginners get a good chance to avoid bullets when down to their last life. This chance decreases as you earn more money in over your career. The thresholds are: <$2500 (75% + grit), <$2500-5000 (50% + grit), $5000-7500 (25% + grit). All players, even existing players, start out with $0 lifetime earnings for this purpose, but your current cash is not affected. There is no way for you to see your lifetime earnings yet.
  • ADDED: Grit of the Poor: If your cash is under $100, then you get a (50% + grit) chance to avoid bullets when down to your last life. This increases to (75% + grit) if you're in debt.
  • ADDED: Grit of the Lone Hunter: If you're the only typo hunter in the game, then you get a (50% + grit) chance to avoid bullets when down to your last life.
  • CHANGE: The normal Grit trait now has 2X the chance of working on its own. It also gets added onto the chance for the other types of grit.
  • FIXED: Other players' bodies should now properly disappear when they leave the game.
  • ADDED: Flyup text when damaging property.
  • ADDED: Flyup text when damaging correctly spelled words.
  • CHANGED: In town defense jobs, the bandits now spawn more randomly outside of town and come in sooner, rather than just spawning in the corners and waiting for a while.
  • CHANGED: For town defense jobs, you can leave the town boundaries to hunt down any straggler bandits that may be right outside of town.
  • CHANGED: Renamed job "difficulty" to "vocabulary", since it affects the level of word, rather than the real difficulty of a job.
  • CHANGED: During jobs, players who are still in the tutorial don't count as living members. They can't save you unless they finish the tutorial.
  • CHANGED: Start with full health when returning to the game. Previously, it spawned you in with the same health you had when you last left the game.

Release 1.0.11 (April 15, 2021) Added a bunch of quality of life changes in preparation for Core's Epic Game Store launch

  • CHANGE: Increased hitbox for NPCs to the whole word
  • CHANGE: NPCs now keep a distance from the walls for visibility
  • CHANGE: Voting timer doesn't start until someone steps in a voting box
  • ADDED: Type a greeting in the chatbox to start game. You're invulnerable until then.
  • ADDED: Basic instructions on the title screen

Release 1.0.7 (April 13, 2021) In this release, I've added a bunch of small fixes, and some changes to making the game more gritty as it was intended to be.

  • CHANGE: New typo hunters now start off with $1000 cash so that they don't go into debt as easily while learning.
  • CHANGE: Tense duels - your opponents can and will one-shot you in the high-noon showdowns, so make sure you used named bullets, spell correctly, aim well, and dodge. The rewards for winning are large for a reason! Your character's grit skill can help prevent being killed by a foe's one-shot bullet too!
  • ADDED: Additional help text about named bullets in the beginning of fugitive hunting and town defense jobs
  • ADDED: Messages at the bottom of the job recap screen that either display hints, or cowboy wisdom, depending on how much cash a player has
  • ADDED: help text that shooting will speed up the voting countdown"
  • FIXED: NPCs will no longer accidentally shoot over your head anymore unless your elevation is way below them. You may be able to jump over their bullets though (needs more testing)
  • FIXED: speed bonus display not showing up for fugitive hunting jobs
  • FIXED: wrong messages show up in the various text popups
  • FIXED: Removed the "savvy" popup text when the amount it would modify is zero

1.0.0 - 1.0.6: Initial release.