Trying to make a 3D Pang "clone"; Seeking advice on proper Workflow

I'm fairly new to Core Games and I thought it would be fun to have a multiplayer 3D version of Pang.
The problem is, I'm not sure how a full core games project would be done appropiately.
I mean, I see all that Core Games offers, but feel a bit at a loss; in the sense that I'm not sure which parts would require me to code and which already have an easier way (or how the code works in tandem with the editor's content).
I made a list of steps in order to simplify the project. But I'm finding difficulty at trying to achieve the eternally-bouncing-until-destroyed-then-divided-by-two balls' behaviour.
I'd need them (the balls) to:

  1. Spawn (I guess randomly (but from a specific height) would be best for a multiplayer game?)
  2. Bounce eternally (but throughout the level) if not shot.
  3. If shot, get divided by two smaller ones (I guess I'd have to destroy the bigger one and spawn the smaller ones from its last existing center, possibly in random directions).
  4. If the ball's "children" (and their next "children" etc) are destroyed and divided a specific (adjustable) number of times, they should stop replicating.
    So, if no-one feels like helping me out with achieving those steps (perfectly understandable; time isn't free), I thank beforehand whomever points me to a tutorial (or course or documentation or previous answered question) that would teach me how to go about doing it myself...
    Thanks! :wave: :smiley: