Trying to change Core Object Reference property

Hello, new here. Starting with 0 coding knowledge.

Straight into the point:
Want to continuous rotate an object. I have the script, everything is fine but my issue comes when trying to copy the MUID of the object I want to rotate into the scripts property "Core Object Reference". While it is copied on clipboard, on "last copied" it looks like it can only paste if its copied from the same kind of property. But how will I copy the desired MUID and be able to paste it on the script's property?

Hi xProe, the best way is to reference that object with a custom property "Core Object Reference" like you used above. Rather than copying and pasting anything to a clipboard, you can simply drag the object into the the bottom of Properties panel where custom properties would be located.

GIF below. Then you can simply reference it with the variable, in this case "propBall" which will be the CoreObject that you can use :RotateContinuous(args) function on.