Tropical Resort Social Space

TEMPLATE NAME: Tropical Resort Social Space

A Tropical Resort Social Scene.

Featuring a Resort Style Swimming Pool
A Stage Area which you can setup for your own events
Social Deck Gather area surrounded by water
Fun Diving Boards that give players an extra lift if they jump and land back down on them.
Fun Water Slide players can slide down
Floating Tiki Bar Party
Interactive Showers
Interactive Fire Pits
Interactive BBQ Grills
Swimming Pool Ladders which assist players in getting out.
and more.

Easy Sit Target System 1.0 (see Additional information below)
Easy Trigger Interact Spawn System 1.0 (see Additional information below)

planned updates, additions, fixes, enhancements to your template

log of your template's version notes example:
1.0.0 - Initial release


All additional information here

The "Tropical Resort Social Space" contains the easy release of major two scripting systems. One is the "Easy Trigger Interact Spawn system". The original Park Grill by tjarvis had way too many Networked objects in it. While it works well. It was anything but network object performant. I'm sharing a screen shot of what it looks like now, using one 1 networked object. Along with some of the custom property settings of the new system.

The Trigger Volume has a networked Custom Property called "isActive" which you can tap into with your own custom addition scripting to extend functionality.

But I've also added two ServerUserData storage points if you wish to use them for designed extension helper scripts.

SPAWN_POINT.serverUserData.isSpawned <bool>
SPAWN_POINT.serverUserData.SpawnedObject <Core Object Reference>

I also designed the system where you can Broadcast your own events as well for additional API Support.

Easy to use visual. Wherever position the visual spawn point (the sphere with the gun pointer object inside it is the position and forward face of what gets spawned.

The other System is called "Easy Sit Targeting". To which I'm sharing a screen shot of now.

It's another visual aided system for setting up sit and stand locations. With a little green sphere for visually adjusting Offset positions which is normally required for each animation.

Network Custom Property on Trigger is "isSeated"

Server User Data API as follows

SIT_TARGET.serverUserData.isSeated <bool>
SIT_TARGET.serverUserData.playerSeated <Core Object Reference to player>

also you can use the Broadcast Events system as shown in the above screen shot Custom Properties.

For the Easy Trigger Interact Spawn System" I was able to create an extension or helper script to work with BFM's outdoor shower model. I'm really trying to design reusable system which are easy to set up, use, work with or extend. So this was working use case.

This helper script actually works with serverUserData which is stored on the Spawn_Point object. I could have worked with the Networked Custom Property on the Trigger or hooked up Listeners for an event broadcast instead. I opted to tap into the SeverUserData API as a use case method instead.

Credits and a little about the build
Hopefully, I don't miss anybody in posting this.

Varglbargl's "Giganitic Barkyard Stuff Pack" off from CC was the cornerstone inspiration.
The swimming pool was the foundation for massive swimming pool itself. Not to mention the deck. Toss in the BBQ Spatula, Ivy Trelis, water sprinkler.

Screenshot 2022-02-02 154515

I want to take a moment and give a great big shout out to Varglbargl. I know I took things to whole different level with the swimming pool. I was looking at all kinds of reference pictures of real life resort swimming pools to come up with mod ideas.

BFM - Shower Tutorial CC
I discovered this hidden gem of an amazing outdoor shower on CC. While it was intended to be part of a scripting Tutorial BFM created. The over all design of the design was dead on the money for the style of outdoor shower for a public swimming area. Everybody needs to shower off before getting into the pool or afterwards, right?

Screenshot 2022-02-02 155444

I really didn't have to make massive modifications to it either. Although I did opt to replace the scripting with more general purpose and reuse "Easy Trigger Interactive Spawn" system. I went to do a search on CC looking for showers and I was stunned to have found this amazing gem there.

Tezukie for Zukie's - Volture
Screenshot 2022-02-02 160921

When I was putting the finishing touches on the floating Tiki Bar. I at first thought it would be amazing
to have a couple of parrots stuffed up inside the umbrella. As sort of an Easter Egg. Seems like
nobody has created those for release on CC yet. I went on a search for birds. The very moment
I spotted Tuzuki's Volture, I knew that Parrots was indeed not the right bird I was really looking for.
A pair of Vultures roosted upside the Tiki Bar, keeping an eye on the party goers was it.
Who knows when they might make their move for snacks or attack somebody they don't take
a liking to.

So with the mention of the Floating Tiki Bar

The Transformation and Evolution of the Tiki Bar
I was in the midst of prototyping some fake buoyancy physics code (not realizing how it would fail once uploaded to the actual game sever). I had it working locally with inflatable rafts.
I was showing the prototyping off to Barg. Then he suggested I try and make it work with a
floating bar. Great idea and I slapped together a quick prototype. I'm sharing a screen shot of
what it first looked like or started off as being.

Just a basic platform with a Japanese Umbrella slapped on top of a massive inner tube looking
thing. I knew I had to make it slightly larger and make it more bar looking.

The unexpected happened when I did a search using the keyword "Beach" on CC.

Seven Sea's (Seaseaseaseaseaseasea) - Floatjam entry came up in the listings.
Country of Dumb Beach Parties.


This was the party I was looking for to use and mod and kitbash fit into my small humble floating
Tiki Bar. I'm laughing in amusement in how things just sort of happen or come together when
one least expects it.

So the following CC mentions are being passed along.
Palm Tree Redux - XRStudio
Palm Tree - bwdev
Fruit Juice Bottles - BlueClairey
Black Wine Bottle - Chipnertkj
Bubble Tea - varglbargl
[Coffee Shop] Soda Bottles - disastronaut

Mind you I did a lot of kitbash modification to combine my humble prototype and this together.
But I was able to pull it off. Here's a screen shot of what it turned out to look like

I added some grab handles onto the massive inner tube, to make it more realistic.
Tossed in the neon cat on some black plastic boards. Looks like it came from Spensor's Gifts.

I did end up moving the dancing NPC's around and kicked one completely off the raft.
I wanted to make certain there was room for players to enjoy. There are times when having
NPC's bring life to something and times when they don't leave space for players in those
areas. So this was a small detail which factored into things and what I was pulling together.

The hanging Tiki Bar sign itself is special to me.

The reference for this was something I physically had my hands on. It's far from a perfect reproduction
of the original. The materials and fonts don't fully match. It's a Hanging Tiki Bar sign which was once
my uncles which I now have hanging on my own wall. It's hard to believe some days that he's no
longer around. Yes, he passed away some time ago. So this little detail is a sort of hidden memorial
honoring him. I did get the double hanging rope and the shape and over all feel of it right here.
But yeah, in remembrance of Daniel B. Scholton.

I think I have everything and everybody out of way, which was source of inspiration or credit in
with the Floating Tiki Bar.

Other CC Mentions.

DevDorian for the "Chaise" lounge chair on CC which I polished and modded. Some things on CC are awesome starting places which just need a little more love and attention.

Grimland for the "Water Urn" on CC (perfect fit)

disastronaut - for the "Fancy Rug" on CC (perfect fit)

Senieeh - for "Little fantasy pond" on CC which I added so much more too.

carmelgames - for "Realistic Waterfall" on CC which I modified.

mjcortes782 - for "Water Tower" on CC

tjarvis - for "Park Grill" on CC (even though it has major issues with way too many networked objects)

Johnhenderson1963 - for Oasis on CC which I swapped out with my own palm tree's.

The animated stage lights - came out of the old/original Core Plaza build.

Team Meta - for the Float Jam platform which I ended up doing a little mod work and used in the stage area lighting system.

The waterfall umbrella is a recreation of one which exists in the real world. I wish I could find the original reference art photo.

I know some people have wondered where I come up with ideas for things at times. These idea's just
seem to happen from looking at things, interacting with people while building things and at times
from searching for things already published on CC.

I wanted to take a moment, while giving credit to various people, to share some of the process
that went into things.

I need to give Commander Foo a big shout out. He helped me figure out some major issues I was having with Trigger interacts being fired off without players fully inside them, also helped with enhancement of making the Easy Sit Target system more fluid with Multiplayers. When more than one person is inside the trigger and trying to interact with things. Also for a number of other tips and things when it comes to dealing with Lua code.

Hopefully, I didn't miss anybody in these mentions.


This looks fantastic! Well done.

You should publish this as a game so that we can teleport players to this place :smiley: