Trigger Audio on Spawn One Time

Need help with Lua audio issue. I have items spawning at random locations and times. When they do so, I want to play a sound but I cannot figure out how to make the sound play when spawned. I have add a CoreObjectReference that contains the sound to my script. When I try and play it I am getting the following error... "attempt to index a nil value (global 'propAudioAppear'). Any help is super appreciated. Essentially when the function that spawns the item runs I would like the sound to play once.

ANSWER. It seems it will NOT allow me to answer my own question so I am going to edit the original post. Figured out that I had the script, sound, etc. in a Network Context Folder. When you network that folder it does not seem to network everything inside it. I added a trigger and moved my sound, script, etc. to be children of the trigger. I then added the sound as a custom property to the script and networked the trigger. It seemed to work. Check it out...

Hopefully my mistake will help someone else.