Tobs' Top Ten Templates: Best of Community Content 8/25/20

Hey all! These are the best templates I found on Community Content from the last two weeks. I was showing them off on stream but due to technical issues had to stop before I got to show all of them . :frowning:

:package: Out of the box functionality
I can drag this into my game and just have it work! Awesome.

:city_sunrise: Great thumbnail
Wow, this thumbnail really caught my eye. You won't find any blue grid here!

:open_book: Read me included
We <3 documentation. Thanks creators for telling us how to use your template!

In no particular order:

:core: Pipe Organ
by CircleToons
A pipe organ made on a large scale so you can resize without losing detail. Lots of great detail. I love the use of text primitives for the music holder.

:core: Anubis Head (To be Updated)
by Squa
The use of hill primitives to create this giant Anubis head is really ingenious. Check out Squa's Egyptian Sculpture as well!
:city_sunrise: Great thumbnail

:core: Dashing with cooldown
by KonzZwodrei
Simply drag this template into your scene to add a dash ability to your game with Konz's signature beautiful UI indicating the abilities cooldown in the lower left corner. No need to touch scripts or our UI system!
:package: Out of the box functionality

:core: Choreographer Script
by Chris
Chris has provided 15 (!!) example scripts you can attach to an animated mesh to bring a little more life to them. Example scripts include functions to: follow a path, play animation, look at, and scale to. After reading the documentation you'll be set to add functionality easily to your game.
:open_book: Read me included

:core: Simple Lua Class
by NicholasForeman
Nic has provided a very succinct scripting example of how you can create classes in lua. Some lua knowledge required.

:core: Reactive Fire Trap
by Nezhul
Fire breathing raptor trap? Yes please! Nezhul has exposed some custom properties on the root folder of this template that make it incredibly easy to change the Charge Time of the fireball, the Damage Interval,. and the Damage done. No scripting required!
:package: Out of the box functionality

:core: Kitchen Tools
by Grimland
These are the perfect props for your DnD contest entry! Included: 2 pots, 1 pan, 2 serving spoons, 2 serving forks, 1 spatula, 2 fruits, and 2 meaty entrees. Check out Grimland's other Community Content pieces for more fantasy props!

:core: Barrel Trap
by Nezhul
Another great trap from Nezhul. These barrels look like someone haphazardly left valuables on top... don't get to close though, these guys have a mind of their own! On approach they'll spin out spikes and start chasing you. Similar to his Reactive Fire Trap, this one also comes with custom properties that allow you to easily customize this trap to your liking.
:package: Out of the box functionality

:core: Simple Tiled Building Set
by NekoStreamBoy
This tile set includes 1 simple wall, 1 foundation, 1 floor, and 1 wall with door. Turn Snap to Grid on to make building with this set a breeze.

:core: Flowing Magma
by Sinowrathx
The perfect lava material! By using the magic glass material Sinowrathx has cleverly replicated the slow flow of lava.

:core: The Int Compressor
by Chrisoul