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GAME NAME: The Sosarian Paradox

"The Sosarian Paradox" is a re-imagining of an old and rare 1983 Sierra On-Line game known as "Ultima: Escape from Mt. Drash".

My intention is to incorporate a coherent history of the Ultima Saga, linking the events of this game during the earliest Ages of Darkness and that the evil, wretched "Garrintrots" had also formed an alliance with Minax the Enchantress. Play alone or as band of up to FOUR adventurers and share the experience of the original "Ultima" from a new perspective!

// With the Stranger's triumphant return to Sosaria, heralding the death of Mondain the Wizard, the Lands of Lord British can at last enjoy some well-deserved peace and security.
// Still, the prophets of old remain steadfast in their claims that this temporal conflict has yet to fully run its course. Whispers from the Void warn of a greater evil that stirs within the folds of time.
// Many stalwart adventurers, including those Knights who bear the exalted heraldry of Akalabeth, have already answered the call to root out this coming darkness … before it spreads to the rest of Sosaria!

After completely reworking the Neverwinter Nights module known as "Ultima IV Rebirth", I’ve been looking for an opportunity to recreate another Ultima, such as The Black Gate. However, Escape from Mt. Drash seems like a far better project to get my feet wet using a new game engine, such as CORE.

After two months fiddling around with this project, the groundwork has been laid for a varied assortment of monsters to combat. Two sets of weapons (one normal, the other magical) will be available for use as you progress through the game. Two types of resources (coinage and crystal shards) will be necessary to advance deeper into the dungeon. The User Interface, or UI, is fully functional. Nevertheless, this games remains a "WORK IN PROGRESS". At the time of this progress report, monster types will only appear on the surface of the Lands of Lord British, Castle Shadowguard and Level 1 of the Mines of Mount Drash.

Next 30 days: Complete monster spawns for dungeon levels 2 through 15; Start incorporating backstory through scrolls and books and such; Contemplate how to devise a unique endgame... and whatever else come to mind in between now and then.

2021-07-10 : Resources such as Temporal Shards and Gold Crowns (including Silver Pieces and Copper Pence) have been incorporated into game play. These are necessary for "purchasing" armour and weapons, as well as advancing past the Temporal Gemstones that block your way to each lower level of the mines.

2021-07-08 : Mimics and treasure chests have been added into the game.

2021-06-29 : The Garrintrots will now address you each time you die before sending you back into their gauntlet.

2021-06-28 : A second set of magical armour and weapons have been added.

2021-06-18 : Layout of Level 12 of the Mines have been updated with one of Ultima VIII's fan-favorite features in mind.

2021-06-14 : Created props for the classic Runic Alphabet used throughout the Ultima Saga

2021-06-11 : Reworked one of the Spellshock gauntlets to function as unarmed combat for the player character.

2021-06-06 : Constructed the Nexus, based on the endgame of Ultima VIII: Pagan. Added gemstones that, once activated, will allow access to the Silver Gates.

2021-06-04 : Dungeon levels 6-15 complete. Design for level 14 is based on the appearance of dungeons in earlier Ultimas; specifically Akalabeth.

2021-05-31 : Dungeon levels 1-5 complete. Added the ability to swim in water

2021-05-26 : Included an Ultima-inspired portal known as a Silver Gate. These will be formal means of traveling through the dungeon levels.

2021-05-20 : Constructed the main elements of Castle Shadowguard. Outer wall, inner courtyard, new color scheme.

2021-05-13 : Populated the forested region with all manner of trees, shrubbery, grass, flowers... et cetera.



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Hi, I hope I am correctly assuming that you are the same Melavir Sauin Dragon who released Ultima IV Rebirth on Neverwintervault. I haven't found another way to contact you that's why I am writing here. I would like to talk to you about releasing a remastered high quality version of the Ultima IV soundtrack as a mod for Ultima IV Rebirth. The remake is finished and ready to be used. If you are interested please contact me on my email address and I will provide you with a link to the music and additional infos

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