The Scifi NPC kit isn't working

When I shoot an NPC from the kit the health bar doesn't go down and stays at 100 even when it dies plus killing one NPC causes the others to die as well. Can someone help me with this?

I just added "Sci Fi NPC Kit" from community content to a new project and followed the instructions in the "ReadMe/Credits" file. I then added two "RPG Robot - Lvl1 Riflemen" and everything worked with each one taking damage separately and the correct health-bar dropped down.

Start a new project and make sure you have followed the ReadMe carefully.

I did follow the ReadMe all down to T but I can’t start a new project since I’ve been working on my map for months and I’ve put so much work into it. Is there any other way of fixing it without scrapping all my work? Can I maybe delete the asset pack and try importing it again?

accidentally deleted my reply so I couldn’t answer it again with the same post, so I had to add this

You don't need to lose your work. I'm just saying try it out in a new project so you can see what is there and how it works. You can remove anything you want from your project and add back in the original Community Content.

Why didn't I think of that? :man_facepalming:t6:. I tried it on a new project and it worked without a problem but I deleted the asset pack and tried importing it again but it says that it's already imported even though it's not. Is it possible to import an asset that you've deleted?

Core Content Tab - Imported Content
Or Project Content Tab - Imported Content

If not, you should be able to import.

Sorry for the months late reply but I found the bug. The asset somehow got imported several times but even though I deleted all of them except for one the problem still persisted so I made a new project and now it works.