The Lost Ones and the Dream Advocate

GAME NAME: The Lost Ones and the Dream Advocate
PLAYER COUNT: 1 - 4 Players
GAME LINK: The Dream Advocate by Kulotz - Core Games

Discover and explore a different world.
Uncover the truth and mystery that wraps this world and help your character find his way out.

  • This is still in an ALPHA version and there new changes coming in.
    If you found a bug, please message me or leave a note in our discord page


v1.0 - Initial Release
v.1.x - Bugfixing
v2.x - The Shop - as soon as we reached 30 DAU, I will add this feature. ^_^V
v3.x - The Advocate System - this is the core idea based on the title hahah, as of now levels and quest are already in place and working, this is next in line.
v4.x - Tutorial System - more tutorials to help guide new players in the dream infinity
v5.x - Ability Progression System - Able to see your ability level as you grow will be available in the future. Ascending them is also included.
v6.x - More Normal Levels - more normal levels to come
v6.x - Puzzle Levels - Levels that needs logic will also be added
v7.x - Boss Levels - based on your run statistics there will be a chance you will meet a boss.
v8.x - Main Storyline Quests - will be added once everything is in place. These are quests scattered all over the dream infinity loop and based on your decisions, the answers to your questions will become clearer.

and many more...

1.0.6 - Initial release



Many Thanks to this Community Contents:

Acient Ruins by carmelgames
Amon's Nightcrawl Foliage by Amonbeaufils
Angel of Death Statue by Sino
Cinematic Shot by standardcombo
CrystalModelKit by LotusCracker
Dark Fantasy NPC Kit by LaKwaai
Dock Module Optimised by TheSpeedRay
Dynamic Skybox by Staypunny
Evil Monster Pack by Amonbeaufils
Fancy Rocks by grimland
Floating Objects by Podzy
fox statue by Maverick0607
HealingZone by Wobblle
Health by AquaFrost
Insane Skybox Pack by LotusCracker
Loot Drop Factory by standardcombo
NPC AI Kit by standardcombo
Old Stone Archway by Amonbeaufils
Puzzle Platformer Parts Pack by vargbargl
Rampart Ruins Pack by Amonbeaufils
Realistic Campfire by ||-OxyGen-||
Ruins by NigelDrake
Sinister Green Portal by standardcombo
Spirit Tree by Ambard
Spirit Trees Pack by Amonbeaufils
Stone Walls Pack by Thvald
Timer Script by Das Neo