Teleport problems :s

Hi guys,
I was setting portals to teleport between them in my game project ,
I place a portal and them i dropped teleport on it in hierarchy , ok ,
But setting parameters of where do i wanna set teleport destination is still
impossible for me.

I Start new game with teleporters running made by core team to copy how
it works and, as i suposed i have to type the name of the objetc i want to
teleport to , beside "target" , and... i cannot type anything.
Just replace where target is written and that becomes in a error.

(Just this way i realize that u gotta "move" Z parameter to 100 in teleporter
To avoid apearing stucked in the floor.)

Can anybody please explain to me how to make teleport.
Am i right about where do i have to type teleport destination?
Thanks everybody.

Physically drag the target object from the hierarchy to the target field.

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Yes, it works thank u so much.
Hope publicate it soon , thanks for your help . :grinning:

Hello how are you? Could you tell me how I can put a restriction on teleporting? I would like to put a minimum level to access the portal, for example.