Team Settings

Alright, so I need a hand here. I am setting up a team based FPS game akin to Star Wars Battlefront (2005) in terms of gameplay. Currently, I have hit a dead end with setting up teams because while there appear to be some team options, the options are extremely limiting and I can not tell if I need to be changing something or if I can just leave it alone as is the default settings.

What I wanted to do was add in a dot above the heads of players that would be colored according to the team they were on. Now, I have not played any Team Based games for Core so I do not know what it does by default to indicate Teams. I have seen someone mention in a conversation in 2020 about players being highlighted or something but they did not go into detail.

What limits do I have here? Can I change the display colors for teams? What about Team Sizes? How many players can be on a team/in the same game at once? Etc.