Team Collaboration Workflow

Sorry if this is answered elsewhere, but I'm not able to find anything.

What is a typical workflow for a team of 2+ developers working on the same Core project? What is the intended method for all of us to simultaneously work on the same projects and assets?

Is there a 'multiplayer editor' that allows multiple team members to collaborate in real time on the same project, similar to what Roblox offers?
Should we use a version-control system like Git? Do the project files from Core play nicely with Git?
Something else?


Hello! Core does not currently support a multiplayer live collaboration yet. Currently, creators are encouraged to use Git (preferably GitHub).

If you are going to use GitHub, here is one important piece of information: any time you pull from origin/fetch, you need to close your editor. Everyone on the team should do this any time they do this.

This can better be explained by someone at Manticore, like @standardcombo, however, I believe Core adjusts certain files upon saving AND upon closing the editor. Merge conflicts can arise that will corrupt the game's files if the editor isn't closed as certain Ids may be changed and it's difficult to tell who has the correct one(s).

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Hi there! Nicholas is right, and I also wanted to add links to these pages in our documentation--

Github and Core

These should help understanding different ways to collaborate in Core, and how to get setup.

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