Survival UK Alpha

GAME NAME: Survival UK Alpha
GAME LINK: Survival UK Alpha by paulpno - Core Games

UPDATE - Survival UK Alpha is still in ALPHA.
LAUNCH BONUS - All crafting items unlocked from the beginning for a limited time!

Survival game based on the Survival Kit. Mine, Farm and sell Ores and Crops to Level Up and earn Coins.


You find yourself in the Post Apocalyptic UK.
The effects of global warming have begun to take place.
The temperature is unusually high. There are very little clouds and the sea level has started to rise. The coast lines have begun to disappear.
The Pound has been abandoned and Dollar Coins are the only accepted currency.
You joined Core and you survived your first survival island.
You were rescued and you were on your way home but 'just your luck' you crashed AGAIN before you arrived.
Can you survive round two?
Prepare for the survival challenge of your life.
The easy life is over.
There is no "plant once and eat forever" anymore. On this island you need to scavenge and find or purchase SEEDS to grow your food.
And yes, the ZOMBIES are there too!
Stronger TOOLS and more CRAFTING recipes will become available as you LEVEL UP.
Surviving together with your friends and new friends has never been such FUN.
FULL TUTORIAL guides you step by step through the first 6 LEVELS.

What should I do after I finish the tutorial?
There are lots of things to do on Survival Island. Finishing the tutorial is just the beginning!

  • Explore the world and find more expensive ORES to sell at the BANK for COINS.
  • Plant and Harvest more CROPS to eat and sell at the BANK for COINS.
  • LEVEL UP to LEVEL 20.
  • Start gathering the items you need to craft LEVEL 7 - You will need Clay, Wood and Gold!
  • Craft more powerful TOOLS. There are 6 types of Pickaxe and 6 types of Axe.
  • The MOONROCK tools are the most powerful
  • Unlock new crafting RECIPES needed to unlock higher LEVELS.
  • New craftable items available at higher levels include, Obsidian Bars, Gold Bars, Polished Wood and GEMS which are crafted from Diamonds.
  • Collect better WEAPONS to defeat ZOMBIES further away from your HOME BASE. The further away you are from your HOME BASE the more powerful the ZOMBIES are.
  • Find items such as Bananas and Strawberries that boost your stamina and give you INVINCIBLE powers.
  • Find FREE TELEPORT stations throughout the world or purchase TELEPORT SCROLLS to teleport home from any location.
  • Earn ACHIEVEMENTS for logging on each day.
  • Earn ACHIEVEMENTS for discovering new areas in the world.
  • Earn ACHIEVEMENTS for mining special ORES every day.
  • Collect as many COINS as possible and get to the top of the LEADERBOARD.
  • There are TWO stash crates to store your items. There is a HOME BASE only stash and a SHARED stash which allows you to get to your stored items from various locations throughout the world.
  • Left mouse buttons cuts down TREES and mines STONE and GEMSTONE ORES continuously when held down.

What are Gemstones?
Gemstones are special ores that can be sold for COINS. You will be introduced to Gemstones during the tutorial. When you mine a special "Gemstone Ore" you will be rewarded with TWO types of items. Items that go into your INVENTORY 'I' that can be used for CRAFTING, and items that can be sold for COINS at the BANK which are stored in your SACK.


  • Save up 1000 COINS. Go to the GATED RUINS in the VILLAGE and purchase a BACKPACK.
  • Stock up with food and water before exploring more distant areas of the map.

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1.0.8 - First published release


Survival UK Alpha featured on Twitch. Thanks FishingLady84 :thumbsup:
AmbrosFox.TTV has currently streamed over 20 Hours of Survival UK Alpha gameplay.
Skip to One Hour Six Minutes into the video.

4 hour 30 minutes stream dedicated to Survival UK Alpha

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  • Create project from survival kit and strip down to basics ready for rebuild.
  • Import UK height maps.
  • Shape beaches, add water, paint terrain.
  • Add wetness effect to areas touched by water.
  • Configure safe zone.
  • Configure storage crates.
  • Configure spawn zones for scavenge nodes.
  • Research and implement system for giving seeds instead of purchasing them.
  • Begin work on a tutorial.
  • Begin work on system of daily rewards.
  • Begin adding new registered items to the game.
  • Work on creating scavenge nodes, loot tables and searchable areas for each new item added to the game.
  • New mining system implemented.
  • Begin optimizing game items by using merged models.
  • Researched and implemented a new system that allows for as many trees and rocks to be added to the game as necessary without negatively impacting network cost.
  • Work on tree mining system - create new trees including hardwood tree and pine tree and new visual effects for each tree.
  • Create new banana tree and associated visual effects.
  • Add fall damage.
  • Create scavenge nodes for all assets.
  • Implement teleport system in dev environment to make testing various areas of the map quicker.
  • Add teleport home buildings for players to quickly return to the home base from 4 locations.
  • Add water effects and swim-able water.
  • Add new asset watermelon - configure consumption effect to have increased effects.
  • Add banana consumption effect - stamina.
  • Add strawberry consumption effect - 10 seconds invincibility.
  • Add other fruit items with basic consumption effect ready to configure at a later date if desirable.
  • Add gems.
  • Add multiple trees and rocks around the world.
  • Troubleshoot assets not respawning as intended and experiment with respawn mechanics.
  • Prevent npcs from spawning inside the safe zone.
  • Prevent npcs from spawning underwater.
  • Implement achievement system.
  • Added information kiosks to help with player education.
  • Added notification system to send users important game play information.
  • Begin work on crafting levels concept.
  • Add level up achievements and rewards.
  • Fix money bug - original system had money and coins - this was later integrated into one overall system using only coins.
  • World design update including new ship and village assets.
  • Redesign home base - home base originally had separate areas for each player - this was replaced by a community farming area.
  • Add oak trees.
  • Add ores and update icons.
  • Add large redwood trees for forest areas.
  • Add sand.
  • Create small, medium and large rocks that drop different amounts when mined - randomize drop amounts.
  • Update trees so each tree drops different amounts when mined - randomize drop amounts.
  • Add puff trees that explode and give coins.
  • Work on icons for all assets in the game.
  • Add katana.
  • Craft multiple ammo amounts (original system restricted to crafting only one item at a time).
  • Mark every game asset as common, rare, legendary etc.
  • Begin two week period of working on game breaking issues with the crafting based leveling system.
  • Add clay.
  • Review and optimize crafting limits for all items.
  • Troubleshoot and fix crops not working bug.
  • Work on environment.
  • Work on dig animation.
  • Add carrot and pumpkin to inventory items and integrate into crop system.
  • Add banana tree.
  • Crop plots disable set player location issue.
  • Implement limited number of spawns for minable items.
  • Update death stash to include effects.
  • Update death stash to spawn a location marker when dropped making it easier for the player to find it.
  • Add castle.
  • Add dry stone walls - well this is the UK after all!
  • Add sack store.
  • UI work.
  • Work on seed pickups - created one for each seed which will eventually be placed throughout the world.
  • Fix level up UI issue where UI elements would not close after leveling up.
  • Experiment with walk/sprint speed to optimize combat experience with npcs.
  • Add sharks to water.
  • Add banana purchase station.
  • Create teleport scrolls the player may purchase for coins to get back to home base quickly.
  • Add mined ores sell sound.
  • Add sound effects and background ambiance to various locations around the map.
  • Work on crafting menu for forge.
  • Work on crafting menu for leveling up station.
  • Adjust all crafting menus to display specific items.
  • Adjust all crafting menus to display only items available based on player level.
  • Add level up notification - this will be updated in future to be more prominent.
  • Add improved tutorial.
  • Lock down areas of the home base and unlock each area one at a time during tutorial to improve FTUE.
  • Work on text for each step of the tutorial.
  • Add point of interest system for the tutorial.
  • Conditionally display tutorial POIs based on each step of the tutorial.
  • Play test the tutorial and make game play adjustments to required resources and resource drops to improve FTUE.
  • Add tutorial persistence so tutorial will pick up where left if player disconnects.
  • Hide tutorial by default after completed and add show/hide key for player to control tutorial visibility.
    Tutorial update introduces and explains the various tools one at a time. Once a new tools is introduced the player is directed to a specific location to use the tool.
  • The final steps of the tutorial send the player further away from the Home Base and encourage the player to begin exploring the rest of the world.
  • Tutorial enhancements, include direction on Inventory vs. Special Ore items.
  • Add Hunger and Thirst quest to the existing tutorial.
  • Work on level locking the tutorial so the player cannot progress through the tutorial unless the required levels are unlocked.
  • Added "back" button to tutorial to revisit particular steps if necessary - 'G' assigned as the 'Next' key and 'U' assigned as the 'Previous' key.
  • Added craft using 'X' reminder notification.
  • Added persistent axe/pickaxe swing for basic, L2, L3, L4, L6 and L6 tools.
  • Consolidate Gemstone pickaxe and Level 1-6 pickaxes to improve UX. Required the rebuild of all pickaxes and updates to the code in several touch points including crafting, salvageables and custom coded UI menus.
  • Added point of interest nodes for Apples and Coconuts.
  • Update code so all Point of Interests display during tutorial no matter how far away the player is from the POI.
  • Fixed healing items bug reported by tester.
  • Fixed tutorial progression bug reported by tester.
  • More FTUE testing and game play balance tweaks.
  • Update signage.
  • Refine locked areas mechanics.
  • Home Base decor.
  • Tower Parkour and crates.
  • UI tweaks.
  • Added water splashes at edge of water for main areas.
  • Rebuild level locking system from scratch using team based collisions.
  • Discovered "Team" changes used for level locking only work on the server. Devise method of validating player level on the client and sending to server for the team based area locks.
  • Add load screen with circling camera and press spacebar to continue.
  • Middlegame play testing adjustments.
  • Added dialogue system to help players locate ores in the middlegame.
  • Added "trails" to help find ores.
  • Update UI to make it clearer to players that the UI inventory "seeds/crops and mined ores" which are designed to be sold for coins, is separate from items in their carried inventory which are designed to be crafted or consumed and is opened by clicking 'I'.
  • Added train track.
  • Level Up system rebuilt to resolve bugs
  • Gameplay tweaks to improve UX suggested by users including making strawberries (which give temporary invincibility) easier to collect
  • Update to tool crafting requirements. Gold now required to craft Gold tools, Obsidian now required to craft Obsidian tools, Diamond now required to craft Diamond tools and Moonrock now required for Moonrock tools.
  • Fixed cruise ship dock collision issue.
  • Make player joined notification more visible.
  • Add reticles to guns.
  • Add "Hall of Fame" for players that reach Level 20.
  • Added "Infinite Levels". Level 20+ players now have a green progress bar under their UI coin display. Collect coins to advance the progress bar. When the progress bar is full the player Levels up.
  • New craftable item - Grapes. Fly for 60 seconds. Health regen if player falls from sky.
  • Add water well near home base so new players don't get too thirsty.
  • Added 3 new enemy NPCs, Army Guy, Army Gal and Zombie Police.
  • Added new craftable item. CoalBrick.
  • Add ability to salvage Gems.
  • Crafting ARROWS now require BONES. More ARROWS will be given due to the increased crafting requirements.
  • New discoverable location "Forge" with loot drops.
  • Add logic to allow high level players the ability to level up multiple levels in a single bank transaction.
  • Added fern area with hidden loot chest.
  • Add swimmable volumes and post processing to two lakes.
  • Terrain sculpting Stonehenge surrounding area.
  • Added underground swimmable tunnel to cave area.