Strike Team

GAME NAME: Strike Team
GAME LINK: Strike Team

In this fast-paced FPS, two teams compete for control of Strike Points on a fiercely contested urban battlefield. Storm the rooftops, take down snipers, and fight your way through hails of gunfire and grenades. Earn experience and level up to unlock passive abilities. Use in-game cash rewards to unlock weapon choices. More maps, modes and mayhem coming soon!

Created via the hard work of these Core creators:

META Lead: Buckmonster
Design Lead: Bigglebuns
Inspiration, Design, Last Minute Changes: Basilisk
Producer: Rolok
Technical Lead: Standardcombo
Lead Developer: Blaking707, Morticai
Support Developer: Estlogic, Divide
Map design and creation: Keppu
UI design and art: KonzZwodrei
Lead Weapon artist: Mucusinator
Sound & Music: Deadlyfishes
Test Lead: AJ
Props: mjcortes782
Additional Art, UI: WitcherSilver
Amazing Skins: Aggripina, AwkwardGameDev, Melamoryxq, mjcortes782, Mucusinator

CC: NicholasForeman (EaseUI)

Squash bugs
Clean up Source Code for public release
Create Additional Game Modes


Ranged Weapons

  1. Name: Assault Rifle
    Max Ammo: 30 . . . Body Shot Damage: 40 . . . Head Shot Damage: 70

  2. Sub Machine Gun
    Max Ammo: 32 . . . Body Shot Damage: 30 . . . Head Shot Damage: 60

  3. Marksman Rifle
    Max Ammo: 14 . . . Body Shot Damage: 58 . . . Head Shot Damage: 116

  4. Shotgun
    Max Ammo: 8 . . . Body Shot Damage: 46 . . . Head Shot Damage: 46

  5. Sniper Rifle
    Max Ammo: 10 . . . Body Shot Damage: 87 . . . Head Shot Damage: 174

  6. Light Machine Gun
    Max Ammo: 100 . . . Body Shot Damage: 46 . . . Head Shot Damage: 64

  7. HLR (High Latency Rifle)
    Max Ammo: 15 . . . Body Shot Damage: 40 . . . Head Shot Damage: 60

Secondary Weapons
When you run out of ammo on your main gun, but you're still in the middle of a fight, you can switch to this by either hitting '2' or using the mousewheel to swap.

  1. Pistol
    Max Ammo:

  2. Burst Pistol
    Max Ammo:

Melee Weapons
Some players love melee weapons. You move faster with a melee weapon (including being able to sprint faster). You never run out of ammo. In close quarters, it’s a great choice.

  1. Knife -- a single strike from behind will generally kill an enemy, otherwise, 2 most likely will kill (your enemy's passive might come into play!)

  2. Bat --

  3. Pan --

Equipment provides an additional bit of kit you can activate by using the 'E' key. Additional equipment can be unlocked with cash.

  1. Grenade
    This is your entry level workhorse grenade. You'll see a lot of these. Holding the 'E' key will show an approximate path the grenade will take. Releasing the 'E' key will throw the grenade. Note that you cannot hold this forever. After a few seconds, the grenade will be thrown for you. Once thrown, it will explode on the second bounce or after 5 seconds. This grenade will damage enemies and yourself -- but not teammates.

  2. Flash Grenade -- Throwing works the same way as the basic grenade. This will release a blinding flash of light rather than damage when it explodes.

  3. Health Kit -- You can use health kits by using the 'E' key. You or your teammates can regenerate health by running over a health pack. Note, it does not cure death.

  4. Molotov Cocktail -- This grenade will break and leave a pool of burning liquid for a few seconds that will do damage to any player that enters the area.

  5. Disco Ball -- This grenade will bust out a dance party that you can't refuse. While dancing, you cannot fire.


  1. Regen -- Req Rank 0: This helps you unlock your inner rampaging beast by healing you each time you get a kill. This HELPS HEALING HOW? DOUBLES REGEN RATE?

  2. Jump -- Req Rank 10: There are a few places where an extra jump can get you from one place to another more easily (and a couple spots you can only get to with this)

  3. Health boost -- Req Rank 20: This gives you a bit of extra health. Sometimes that's all you need to survive.

  4. Steady aim -- Req Rank 30: Weapons have spread, meaning that over distance individual bullets can drift away from the target a bit. This will reduce that making your weapon a bit more accurate.

  5. Martyrdom -- Req Rank 35: Drop live grenades on death.

  6. Fast Hands -- Req Rank 40: You run out of ammo more often than you might think. This will reduce your reload time.

These are collections of weapons, equipment and passives.

You start with 3 loadouts. In the lobby, you can pick what weapon, equipment and passive to have for each loadout.

Maybe you're getting sniped and want to stay for close quarters combat so you take a loadout with a Shotgun, Health Kits, and Health boost. For when you want to be the long range killer, make a loadout with the Sniper Rifle, Fast Hands, and Grenade. Once you're back in the game, you start off with the equipped loadout from the lobby.

When you die, or by hitting the 'L' key, you can choose one of your other loadouts. That loadout will become active the next time you respawn.

-- is gained from a variety of sources.

  1. Round Reward -- 250xp if you lose, or 500xp if you win.
  2. Headshots -- are worth 10 each (up to a maximum of 250 points)
  3. Kills -- are worth 10 points each (up to a maximum amount of 250 points)
  4. Objectives -- are worth 20 points each (up to a maximum of 200,000 points)
  5. Assists -- are worth 5 points each (up to a maximum of 250 points)


As you gain experience your rank will increase. Ranks are displayed in many places throughout the game
Rank 1 to 4

Rank 5 to 9

Rank 10 to 14

Rank 15 to 19

Rank 20 to 24

Rank 25 to 29

Rank 30 to 34

Rank 35 to 39

Rank 40 to 44

Rank 45 to 49

Max Rank - 50

Requisition points, Champion’s Crates, Cash and Strike Coins and more!

Requisition points are gained by completing games. Gain 1 for defeat or 3 for Victory.

Champion's Crate -- Every 10 requisition points you can open a Champion's Crate, but only once per 8 hours.

Cash -- This is Game Cash, not a real currency. It can be acquired from the Champion's Crate, and also at the end of a round. The amount you get at the end of a round is influenced by whether you win or lose, and the number of headshots, assists, kills, and objectives that you got.

Strike Coins -- Can be acquired from the Champion's Crate, or from purchasing them with Core Credits.

Movement -- Space to jump, Shift to sprint, C to crouch. Can slide by sprinting and then crouching.

Leaderboards -- They are weekly, so your high score will only be up there for a week at most and then will fall off, so keep coming back!

Sections below to be completed

Game Modes

Strike Team -- In this game mode, the first team to hold 5 Strike Points will win.



Rarity levels

Patches (most recent at top):

Version 1.5.0

  • HLR -- High Latency Rifle added
  • Dance Grenade added
  • Guns shown at round end to show off your skins

Weapon Tuning

  • SMG 35/45 (was 30/60)
  • HLR 40/60

Features, Fixes and Improvements

  • Death Card -- details of all the damage that lead to your death
  • Helicopter moves from point to point instead of teleporting
  • Currency icons added to loadout
  • Performance improvement based on changes to decals
  • Cleanup throughout the project removing unused assets.
  • Fall damage fix
  • Scopes further adjusted to be centered and accurate
  • Player titles updated for core affiliates
  • Updated movement state machine to enable further expansion
  • Rarity system redone to support multiple events or adding other levels of rarities
  • Richtext added (currently used for news)


  • Added: Tigerstrike, Industrial and Spring skins (Spring and Melted are free!)
  • HLR Skins added: Camo, Ghost, Cobalt, Ivory, Protector
  • Removed: St. Patty skins

Banners swapped out (egg hunt banner now)

Version 1.4.1
Win with the Devs and Double XP and Cash Update!

  • Note, double XP and cash doesn't affect tournament score

Win with or against the following Devs to unlock skins!

  • Basilisk, Vitriol08, Buckmonster, Bigglebuns, Rolok, Blaking707, Morticai, AwkwardGameDev, Mucusinator, WitcherSilver, Aggripina, Coderz, AJ, Divided, Estlogic, Griffin, Scav, Standardcombo, Ooccoo, Mehaji, Melamory, and more to come!
  • Note, you can earn the achievement multiple times but will only be awarded the skin the first time.

Tournament Update

  • Added Win with the Devs achievements.
  • Get an achievement when you win with or against devs, and get their favorite skin free (we need all the help we can get)
  • Double XP and Double Cash rewards Weekend!
  • Secondary Tournament leaderboard added for those not in the top places
  • Tournament audit feature added

Fall Damage update

  • Fall damage sound updated.


  • Painbow and Shockrock bat added

Several weapon skins with misaligned scopes have been fixed. Thanks everyone who reported!
Assault Rifle

  • Demon Hunter
  • EnergyBuster
  • Junker
  • St. Patty's


  • Demon Hunter
  • Junker
  • St Patty's
  • Toy


  • Demon Hunter
  • St. Patty's


  • Demon Hunter
  • St. Patty's

Light MachineGun

  • Demon Hunter
  • Junker
  • St. Patty's


  • Demon Hunter
  • Junky
  • St. Patty's
  • Toy
  • Unicorn

Burst Pistol

  • Default Burst Pistol
  • Demon Hunter
  • Legion of Light
  • Steampunk
  • Toy

Version 1.4.0
Guns N' Glory update!
Learn more about this tournament at
In addition, the St. Patrick's Day and Melted skins are free for the duration of the tournament!


  • Tournament Leaderboard added. Press K to see the leaderboards for the tournament.
  • A larger circle around strike points indicates the support area for tournament scoring.
  • Champion crates can now be claimed in game without going to loadout.
  • Molotov now shows trajectory when throwing, similar to Grenade.
  • Health Kit can no longer be picked up when you are at full health.
  • Health Kit now plays a sound when picked up.
  • Revised and improved weapon and passive descriptions.
  • Victorious players should better face you at the end.
  • New outfit for the chicken.
  • Message for leaving the game will now reflect if the player has left or gone to loadout.
  • Demon HK scope adjusted so that the scope geometry center aligns with the sight.
  • Adjusted scope movement for Marksman.
  • Adjustments to GraFiXX Submachine Gun scope geometry.


  • Molotov will no longer injure teammates.
  • Health Kit Cooldown increased from 2 to 5 seconds.
  • Jump passive now grants resistance to fall damage.
  • Melee weapons are now easier to hit with. Level Design
  • Improved invisible map edge colliders to prevent players from getting to abusive locations.
  • Improved collision of metal railings on balconies and fire escape ladders to allow bullets and grenades to better pass by.


  • Fixed a flare VFX that was causing a red glitch.
  • Fixed rare error when loading a player's equipment.
  • Fixed an issue where your nemesis info could be missing if they left the game before the victory screen appeared.
  • Fixed a UI bug where the grenade indicator could get stuck on screen.

Version 1.3.1

  • Fixed bug where the player's run speed would be preserved from the previous weapon, if switching weapons while running.
  • Fixed bug where sprinting would not happen after respawning while the Shift key was held down. The player would have to release and press it again.
  • Fixed bug where the Objectives leaderboard was rounding the values to whole numbers.
  • Fixed minor bugs with the rank numbers at the bottom of the leaderboards.

Version 1.3.0

Big update with many improvements and balance changes.

  • New helicopter design.
  • Leaderboards reworked. They are reset in this update.
  • Lootbox timer added to end screen.
  • Decreased the size of some scope reticles.
  • Rank and progress, cash and strike coins are now displayed in the bottom left.
  • Muzzle flashes improved.
  • Return to Loadout now has a confirm dialog
  • Capture Point captured sound is now an sfx instead of music
  • Tutorial updated
  • News panel now added to end screen.
  • Exit to Loadout button changed in end screen.
  • Changed animation stances for knife, bat, and pistol.

Loadout Scene

  • All progress now refers to rank.
  • Rank and progress now displayed.

Balance Changes

  • Increased pellet max damage and headshot max damage from 40 to 46

Submachine Gun

  • Reduced clip size from 40 to 32

Marksman Rifle

  • Reduced damage from 62/124 to 58/116
  • Increased clip size from 12 to 14
  • Increased time between shots by ~.3s
  • Reduced vertical recoil while aiming dramatically
  • Increased spread while not aiming


  • added: Bats: French Bread & Shower Brush
  • Golden bat updated

Bugs Fixed

  • Players joining during victory will now see the victory screen and not have weapons.
  • Fixed Pray and Spray achievement for LMG.
  • All players now show Nemesis information.
  • Fixed a bug where chickens couldn't fly.
  • Fixed a bug where a weapon could get the scope values from another weapon.

Version 1.2.1

  • Nemesis system update for description of kills (“You Crushed”, etc)
  • bugfix for Strike Coins

Version 1.2.0

  • Lowered duration of victory screen from 60 to 45 seconds.
  • Added timer to Strike Point to display once warmup time is completed
  • Updated LMG & Shotgun tags for achievement system
  • Added tool tips to Achievement system
  • System added for repeatable/storable achievements, multi reward option per achievement
  • Killstreak and Blackjack achievement now properly track
  • Victory Screen now switches to rewards & stats screen
  • Updated Nemesis marker
  • Nemesis system updated
  • Lowered the capture indicator to the bottom of the flag pole
  • Updated Frying Pan Killfeed Icon
  • Removed self damage hit effects. Kept numbers.


  • added unicorn set, panic panda, and wsjn09 bat
  • skins: updated paddle, added winter sentry bat


  • Performance fixes! Game should no longer get slower.
  • Server analysis now also tracks final score, round duration and the history of players joining/leaving.
  • Small component that does server analysis of round number and delta time.