Strange Glitch

Hello everyone. I encountered a strange glitch. In short, I made a progress bar of time for one of the characteristics and duplicated it from what I had already done and worked as it should. I "screwed" it properly to the new ability. But the game didn't see the script inside it. Generally. Then I created this bar from scratch, but the game still didn't see it. I even made a gross mistake in the code on purpose, but there was zero reaction. The program simply ignored my script. I spent a couple of hours looking at the monitor. And only after I added some simple script to the hierarchy out of boredom (it was just a copied example from the Core documentation), the game somehow unexpectedly saw my bar and swore at an error in the code that I made on purpose. I removed the error and everything worked as it should. In the end, I did not understand what it was. Maybe someone has encountered something similar?