Start with Framework or Landscape?

Hey all!

Is it just as easy to start with a landscape and add in CTF components later or should I start with the CTF Framework and then replace all of terrain and sky assets etc?

I'd rather start with a landscape for my game and then once I have it all built out then add the CTF components after but I'm afraid my skill level might not be up to par for that if it is more difficult.

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Hi Boans
The frameworks don't come with terrain just some floor panels, which is the same as a blank game, and both come with sky assets. I normally start with the framework, I find it easier to have the basic game logic there from the start.
If starting with the framework you do need to set the number of required players to 1 otherwise you are stuck in lobby mode. (GameSettings > Game State Settings > Lobby Required Players)

There is no terrain copy functionality within the Core editor but you can still copy a terrain between maps by going into Windows Explorer and manually copying the .terrain file from the source games folder into the new games folder.


Thanks, you just saved me a bunch of time!

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