Stack index 1, expected string, received nil: (bad argument into 'CoreObject(string, table)')

Hi There,
I am trying to create a volcano that periodically launches lava floaters.

Here s what i wrote in my lua script :

Unfortunately i get the error "stack index 1, expected string, received nil: (bad argument into 'CoreObject(string, table)')" even tough i basicaly copied the code from here :

I m really aware that i am a newby but if someone could explain what i messed up i would be thankful.


When you type

local LAVA_FLOAT_01 = script:GetCustomProperty("LavaFloat01")
local VOLCANOPROS_LAUNCHER = script:GetCustomProperty("volcanoprosLauncher"):WaitForObject()

You are referencing custom properties on your script, so you need to make sure that you have both created the custom properties and assigned something to them. When you create them your volcanoprosLauncher will be a "Core Object Reference" and reference the object that marks where you want the lava made in your scene. LavaFloat01 is an "Asset Reference" that will reference a template for the object that you wish to spawn. Note when you create your custom properties the names are case sensitive.

At the moment you have either not set up the appropriate custom property or you have left its reference empty.

If you want to paste code to the forum, it's nicer to use the </> tag than take a picture btw.