spawnKey observation

Hey, not sure if this was intentional so I figured I would post to see before I reported it, but apparently spawnKey returns invalid when changing the team option to 0 instead of 1 on the spawn point.

I dont use teams on my current project so I figured 0 would be best, but then. . . . Transferring to a new scene just dumps me at 0,0,0 instead of my spawn point unless I put the team back to 1.

I think that is because team 0 is not classed as a valid team number, so you will have issues with that. I would recommend just using team 1 instead, then it will work as expected.

Thought I had read in the documentation that team 0 was considered a neutral team, I had planned on having PVP in certain areas and I didnt want the team thing interfering with that so I was trying to just bypass it altogether so I wouldn't have an issue down the road, honestly havent even looked into teams to see how they work yet or if they will even be an issue for me at all, just figured I would try and make it a non issue just in case.

The issue I think, is that a player can not be on team 0, they will always default to 1 (depending on team settings). So 1-4 and 255 are the only valid team numbers.

I did find something unsual that I might consider a bug, but haven't reported yet until I am sure. If you have a spawn point with team 0, then the player will inherit that team number, but it will still be invalid and continue to spawn them at world origin.

If you have a link to the docs that mentions team 0 being valid, link me please, as I think it's incorrect depending on what it's explaining.

I've been looking for it and cant seem to find it now, I'll post it as soon as I find it