Spawn point Level requirement


Anybody got any ideas on how would I go about setting up the DND frameworks player Spawn points, so it would require a level. Say, starting spawn point no requirement, next one lvl 5, next lvl 10 etc....

Thank you.

Hello. There is no built-in method to do this. My recommendation would be to listen to the player.respawnedEvent, get their level, and then use player:SetWorldPosition() and player:SetWorldRotation() to the position/rotation of the spawnpoint that is their respective level (spawnpoint:GetWorldPosition() and spawnpoint:GetWorldRotation()).

Thank you very much! Let me see what i can come up with :slight_smile:

local p_level = GetPlayerLevel(player)
-- print(p_level)
if p_level >=2 then
player:Respawn(Vector3.New(0, 0, 500), Rotation.New(0, 0, 45))

BTW, I m no coder... Janky but working.

Thank you.