Spawn Players Conditionnaly

Hey !
I trynna Make a lobby Waiting room before the game start,
but no way to find what i am looking for...

My goal is to make Players spawn first of all in the waiting/lobby/open-world under "Main-Spawn-points",

where they can do things like go to the shop, lvling up their weaps, stuff or skills, ride the map snowpark etc,

all players got a UI button where they can start a TeamDeathMatch, when they hit that one i had to make them spawn on the "Match-Map" both map ( Open-World-Lobby and Match-Map) are on the same terrain.

the issue i have is to set up my spawn points behaviour.

Can Somebody Help me with that ?
thanks a lot !

Hey, I´m just trying something like you said: all players should start at a lobby map, then when time is up, all players should spawn at the game map. For now I´m just trying to set all players team to 0, but is not working for all players (at least on preview mode). I want to find out if there´s a way to set all initial player's team to 0, so all will spawn at the lobby