Soccer Sport Component, by PiousLachance

TEMPLATE NAME: Soccer Sport Component
TEMPLATE VERSION: 1.0.something

Hi there, I'm Gabriele, AKA PiousLachance and today I'm presenting to you my Soccer component
When I saw the Sports Ball Mechanic idea I did a research to see how to best implement it, but I didn't really liked the idea of kick and passes with an automatic feel, so I decided to just make it more on the realistic side, because it can best give the feeling and the idea of being on a soccer field.
So here we are, with a complete component and a roadmap of things to do ahead ! :smiley:

The template is divided in three different main blocks:

  • Three equipments ( Kick Action, Catch, with throw and release, Action and Tackle Action ), the README and the main script, BouncingBall as individual entities

  • The "Lite" Stadium, with the three equipments and the script, without anything else ( I really like to use a container as a scene, because you can kick or throw on a wall and catch when it returns to you )

  • And finally the Soccer Stadium, which has a full scene ( without terrain ) that you can just take and put in your map; here you'll find everything this template has to offer and some custom script you can find useful, like an autorelease of the catched ball on the boundaries of the Goal Net, a GoalandReset script, useful Action dispenser and a dash system

Everything is done using a physical sphere as a ball, customizable.

Every useful function I use is in two modules: one with the Math I used to calculate directions, strenght and errors and one with the Soccer functions I implemented .
The one missing is the Tackle action, that will be added asap, but that sadly has limitations, because only works on terrain.


  • Add Tackle to SOCCERModule
  • auto resize of the soccer ball prop of the physic ball
  • Add Trajectory indicators for corner kicks and free kicks
  • Add an IKAchor for the left hand in the catch stance
  • Multiple balls ?

1.0.0 - Initial release
1.0.something - Bug squashing, comments and screenshots



  • Terrain is NEEDED only for the Tackle, if you don't want to use that mechanic you can use every type of ground you wish

  • multiple ball ARE NOT YET IMPLEMENTED