So I wrote a script for weather - Looking for comments suggestions

So a few weeks ago I was brand new to Core Games and this whole game design concept.

I have managed to put together a working design and I'm hoping someone will be able to give tips on how it can be improved. It would probably benefit from, Broadcasting, more functions, perlin noise, yadayada.

The template is available in the community content.
Search for: QWeather System

Edit: more details

Hello Quailar! I was wondering if this creates an in-game artificial weather calendar, or if it draws on the players current location and gets weather and time data from where the player is in the real world?


Its artificial. Just a clock, some preset settings for each season, then some random weather patterns that confirm to the season presets. Some weather objects follow the player. Haven't tested it on multiplayer or much outside the map in the template, not quite sure how it'll behave.

I have had some ideas of how I can implement a map version, but I think ill have to learn more and tighten up the code first.

Hi, your asset seems to be incredibly bright 24/7. How can I possibly fix it?

I will take a look. I plan to rewrite everything and clean it up with functions, but been quite busy lately.

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