Several levels in one level


I would like to know how to load multiple levels in one level, so that there is no loading time when going from one level to another.

I know it's possible to do this since I've seen it in some games, like for example Super Speed Run:

Thank you.

I haven't done it myself yet but think it is done by having all levels present in one map but only having the current levels visibility and collision turned on. At level change the current levels visibility and collision turns off and the next levels visibility and collision turns on. It works well with a victory screen or lobby area that players go to while the map reconfigures itself.

I don't think that's the solution. Because if it were that, the level would weigh much too heavy and surely exceeded the quota of weight of the data.

Found this on Discord where someone else raised the same question. AJ and exUnity are very experienced within Core.

The weight limits (objects, networking, terrain) within Core are not hard limits so it is possible to exceed them. I suspect as long as each level is within the limits that performance would be OK.

Perhaps raise the question on the Core-Help Discord to see if the situation has changed since they replied in Nov last year. Discord has more eyes on it than these forums.

It should work for small things but not for big levels like in Super Speed Run.