Setting up my template for correctly spawning

I have created a new object out of a few objects from the core content library. I have made a networked template out of these. I am using World.SpawnAsset(). When it comes into the world I know how to put it at the right position, set scale, etc. However, the item is huge and I have to scale it down. How can I set the size I want to be the default scale before making the template? Can I do that? Secondly, it is spawning at a weird position... slightly under the floor. Can I set up the templated item to spawn in a better place. I use the spawner to spawn other items... not just this one or I would just use the positioning param in the World.SpawnAsset() feature.

UPDATE: Again, figured it out. You have to make sure the parent folder is at 0, 0 , 0 for position and 1, 1, 1 for scale. Then everything INSIDE the folder can be position and sized accordingly. Then it will work like a charm.

Any help to understand how I should be setting up my kitbashed item or a great tutorial on this would be helpful. I have looked and have not found anything that solves it yet.