Seeking help to evaluate CORE as a solution for our build - ultimately need to hire a team to develop

Hey everyone, apologies if this is in the wrong place, but would love to work with someone from the community. I run a marketing agency and am looking to evaluate/hire a team to help me build out the following.

We are seeking talent in the PM and game development space to join our team in an ambitious build out of our idea of a potential CORE world that pays off on the experiences our global non-profit clients have created digitally and irl for children managing stress and anxiety. Our client, Heroes Circle, has a global presence and is now focused on our objective of helping 1,000,000 children to learn these techniques.

We envision inspiration for the in-game experiences coming from our Martial Arts Therapeutic Mentors, as well as friends and peers all over the world. Kids should be able to participate in multiple formats and will gain the opportunity to develop unique personas in-game that reflect their "mastery" of the skills.

Estimated Timeline: Kickoff the work in Jul/Aug of '22 and completing elements of the build throughout '23

Holler is interested, we are in the discovery phase!