Script such as APIBasicGameState is common script? if all game-project needs to use these?

dears, I want to kown that if scripts(such as APIBasicGameState,APIObjectIcon,APISpectator and so on) is common module script and if I need to copy it to project of myself.

If the API scripts exist in Project Content and you are using require to add them to your other scripts then you do not need to copy the API scripts to your hierarchy. The scripts that use them will already have a reference to them via their custom property.

For example, to use APIUsefulFunctions in your script MyScript: APIUsefulFunctions must be complete and available in the Project Content tab (probably unders All Content - My Scripts)

At the top of MyScript you will then have something like this:

local APIUF = require( script:GetCustomProperty("APIUsefulFunctions") )

MyScript then needs a custom property of type Asset Reference that you then drag APIUsefulFunctions into.

There is an example of this here