RTS games?

Hi there,

Just stumbled across this game engine and really love the simplicity and how it uses LUA.

I used to make games for Warcraft 3 and was curious if this engine might be suitable for RTS games?

I know that Unreal has some bare bones templates and frameworks for RTS, but I really hate the idea of coding in C++. I guess my next question is does Core have any templates or code snippets that can help developers get started with making RTS games? E.g. unit selection/formation, unit research/upgrades, basic combat system, etc.


Welcome Coolyoshi,
There is a third person top down template or framework, but that’s just controls and camera. You will have to program the rest yourself, and you may have to create some models, but there is community content that you can bring into your game. Also feel free to add your own content. Can’t wait to see what you make. If tou need help check out the discord.

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