Rotate action animation on same binding action?

Hi there!

I'm trying to change up an action's animation a bit with each swing of a sword. Rotating the weapon's animation isn't hard, however, as far as switching the characters animation itself (for example, from "1hand_melee_slash_left" to "1hand_melee_slash_right" seems to be the challenge. It seems those property values can't be changed programmatically?

Is there a way to change that using the same action binding? Just to give you context, imagine you're swinging a sword - you're most likely are going to swing it right to left and then left to right (if you're right handed).


Hey there, @barnsweetman-- The best way to do this currently would be to have two separate abilities for left and right.

There's actually an example of a sword that does exactly what you're saying, alternating between left and right slashes. It's on Community Content as "The Carlos Blade" by standardcombo.


I'd recommend taking a look there, and possibly just throwing your geo/effects onto this sword's logic.

Ah perfect, thank you!