Hi everyone,

I apologize if this is in the wrong spot it's the closest I could find, it probably sits more in a request/help forum.

See first image for reference => 'Lost Souls' Lost Souls V1.4 by kingcreate - Core Games

When I add a sword and shield set into the game and adjust the orientation and position of the shield I get no issues equipping it normally as expected and noted it is a single mesh object that assigns itself to the socket 'left_arm_prop' but the sword works differently...when I equip it -- it's position and orientation changes based on what it's position and orientation is in the world, the sword is a networked item with many pieces to it not a single object which is my first concern but I also noted that it's socket doesn't work on the 'right_arm_socket' (I don't remember what it is/was might have been root) so I looked it up and noticed in the available sockets list 'right_arm_prop' doesn't exist in the game yet...

See this page for reference => Player Animations & Sockets - Core Documentation
You'll see at the bottom of the first Sockets list, only 'left_arm_prop' is there.

So I'm wondering a couple things...

  1. Is there a way to bind a weapon to the right hand(currently on right_wrist) without using socket that doesn't use it's current world orientation or position and apply that to the character.

  2. Does the fact the sword itself being networked and being more than a single object contribute to the orientation and position issue?

Thanks in-advance! :slightly_smiling_face:


Figured this one out myself, very simple in the end, doh!

  1. Basic Sword and Shield (networked)
  2. Client Context (networked)
  3. EquipmentAttachObjectToPlayer (client)
  4. Under PlayerSocket
  5. Input 'right_prop'