Rich-Text by TeamMeta - no accented character allowed?

i try to use the rich text
but i can't use it because it seems don't manage accented characters or asian character (They are displayed with ??? character)
Anyone know how i can update it (may be some people already meet this problem)

i try near all the different font, but no change, i still have the "??" instead the caractere i wish

Hey there, there is a new version now that supports Unicode!

i saw a kiosk component. With it, i can use accented character and asian character without problem. People know the difference between both (wich one is better and why the display is different ) ?

May be the solution is somewhere between both....

i found the solution...don't use richtext :wink:

i lost some nice fonctionnality (some have alternate way), but i win more things (in top of my priority : the use of accented or asian character)

it's works good now with accented or asian character

it's doesnt work again after the update of Core 1.0.187
this time unicode is good but ui is broken like some text are behind another text instead in front...

when i touch a part of the rich text, some time (not often) the text (not all) appear again.

min my game, i use several rich-text like layers (because i want to align the text and do some switch text when player use a button)

i'm sure now, the text is under the panel so it's why i can't see it.
i have this :
-background text
-text in a tab at left
-text in the tab in middle
-text in tab in right

but now, with the update, what i can only see when i do a preview mode it's like there are this
-text in tab in right
-text in the tab in middle
-text in a tab at left
-background text (so any tab before it's under this layer and can't be see)

To confirm this, in preview mode, i change the position of some tabs and i can see them

this error appear with the new update of core. Could you do something for that ?

Hey, this is Chris! I made Rich Text, and if it's broken, I'd love to fix it! I went and played with the most recent version though, and all of my test cases seem to be working.

Can you send me the string that you're sending to DisplayText(),. and maybe a screenshot of your layout? I'll have a look and see if I can duplicate the issue you're seeing.

Sorry for the trouble!