Resource Perk Framework

TEMPLATE NAME: Resource Perk Framework

This is a framework that implements a no-code solution to Perks, with a focus on player Resources. It is a modular framework that allows you to use it along with other perks and does not get in the way of other code in your project. For ease of use, it includes a simple Donate Page implementation and UI and a simple Resource Storage System, they are modular and do not require each other to function, allowing you to use whatever system you see fit to handle UI and data storage when it comes to the player resources aspect.

On the Resource Purchase framework, it supports Permanent, Repeatable and Limited-Time Perks, and includes flexible daily reward implementation so that you can implement not only subscription systems but also game-pass style daily rewards to players. All rewards are given in the form of resources, which are very flexible in what they can represent inside a game. All perks are also supported in the Donate Page implementation.

If you know how to code, you can also reuse the framework to make calls to your own code instead of giving player the resources, allowing you to make use of its perk rewards implementation components even if you have something other than player resources in mind.

Make sure to read the README files as it is necessary to understand the framework properly in order to make efficient use of it.

1.0.0 - Initial release

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