Resetting Single Records on Published World Leadboard

Is there a way to remove a record or few that you know used an exploit to get the time. I had a bug that the community found and let me know about. I have fixed it and would love to get rid of the times from the leaderboard on the published games that I know used it... including my own time.

OR is the only way to clear the board completely?

Unfortunately to set a player's score you need the player object. And to avoid beating around the bush, we know it was TheBronzeSword lmao. So in a temporary Script, we would do this:

local leaderboardRef = Leaderboard NetReference

    if == "TheBronzeSword" then
       Leaderboards.SubmitPlayerScore(leaderboardRef, player, 0) 

So TheBronzeSword would have to join the game to reset his score. And then you can get rid of the Script.

Sweet! I will add that, ask if they would be willing to connect and then hit me in Discord and update. It is a bummer there is not a way to manage that but I also see why they may not want as well. I will also be able to test it on myself since my score isn't legit as I was trying to figure out how he did it before I saw his messages telling me it was broken on Discord! Thanks my man

Added the code you mentioned above. Created a Net Reference on the script, added the leaderboard to it. I can't get it to work locally with the bot scores or when I upload it to the published version. Here is what I have exactly in my script...

local leaderboardRef = script:GetCustomProperty("LongestSoloTime")


    if == "MtnMan365" then

    print("This should have worked")

       Leaderboards.SubmitPlayerScore(leaderboardRef, player, 0) 



No errors or indication that I have anything in correct in the event log. Any further help is appreciate. I will dig as well and let you know if I solve. Thanks for jumping in and trying to help as always!

So the print didn't show up in the event log?

It showed up... but it did not reset the time to zero.

Try publishing your game and playing on a live server.

I tried that... tried to reset my own score and it would not remove it. Let me check one more time.

Here is a video of what I have.

Let me know how I can provide the right information. As mentioned, I loaded this up exchanging my username for where I put Bot1 in the video and it did not seem to work for me.

Any other help is always appreciated!

Okay, so after testing for myself and looking over the API, setting player scores for Leaderboards will be ignored if the score is lower than the currently-stored value (of course depending on the type of leaderboard). Which makes sense because it is a leaderboard. So I believe the only thing you can do is create a new leaderboard.

Bummer on that being the fix with no way to adjust it. Would be nice to be able to edit records some how but am sure there is a reason that is not currently possible. Maybe someone else will chime in with something that we are not aware of. Thanks for all the help tonight. Just reset the board so you will have to go get that #1 time again. I will post one so you have something to smash!!!!

There should be nothing else we aren't aware of. That's the fundamentals of leaderboards. You don't save a score if it's lower than the score already in there.