Resetting game objects from isEnabled false -> true

Im building pickups into Team Death Match. I am trying to reset the crystal pickups as part of the LobbyStartResetKDServer script

The code runs without error, and produces good object references, but they are not changing state in game to isEnabled = true

CODE *****************************************************************

local ABGS = require(script:GetCustomProperty("API"))
local GOLD = World.FindObjectByName("Gold")

-- nil OnGameStateChanged(int, int, bool, float)
-- Handles resetting team scores when the game state switches to lobby
function OnGameStateChanged(oldState, newState, hasDuration, endTime)
if newState == ABGS.GAME_STATE_LOBBY and oldState ~= ABGS.GAME_STATE_LOBBY then
for _, player in pairs(Game.GetPlayers()) do
player.kills = 0
player.deaths = 0

	for _, Crystal in pairs(GOLD:GetChildren()) do
    	if Crystal ~= nil then
        	Crystal.isEnabled = true


What am I missing?

Is the script that sets the property "Crystal.isEnabled = true" in the same context (server, client or networked) as the crystal object?

No, the script that tries to call it is in a Game State Setting folder that appears to have no context.

Without changing that, how would I reference the networked crystal objects?