Race Day - A Car Racing Game

Race Day - A Car Racing Game
1-8 player
GAME LINK: Race Day: A Car Racing Game by GoodDay - Core Games

Welcome to Race Day! Take your car for a spin through the Meadow Wood Mountains! Traverse the winding road course of Meadow Woods!

In Development
Additional Courses
New Cars
Racer Progression - Earn experience and money as you complete races.
Customization - Customize your car's appearance & performance
Perk Implementation

In Conception Phase
Cars and Parts - As you progress, unlock more Cars, Customizations, & Performance Parts to buy.
Race Tiers - Race with other cars at your performance level.


New courses:
Water Treatment Plant
Water Treatment Plant Reverse

Misc Updates
Meadow Wood Mountains is now a 2 lap course
Reworked radio to play songs in a random order like course selection
Updated UI to display overall time, current lap count, track name, previous lap time.
Changed player list to hide for players while in a race
Set up race borders to be hidden for players in free roam
Future Spectator update will enable race borders for those spectating a race.
Fixed a bug preventing the post-game from showing for players that didn’t finish the race
Fixed a bug with postgame leaderboard displaying lap minutes
Fixed UI bug not telling joining players that a race is already in progress if a race started already



What is there to pay for to progress towards? You race.

Yeah, so the next update or two will begin the direction toward, Character Progression, and Vehicle customization. You'll earn rewards for racing (more courses will be added), and then can spend those in-game rewards on customization items, performance upgrades, or new cars.

Buying XP boosters, or Gold boosters is one way to progress through the game faster. I could have been more clear about that.

Also, Performance upgrades will also introduce Race Tiers. which will separate players into different categories for races based on the performance of their car.

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