Questions about publishing a game

I have a few questions about publishing a game and I'm not sure where to find this information:

  1. Can I manually set my game's ID? I didn't see this in the editor.

  2. Once a game is live and I make an update to it, will Core automatically know to keep the same ID after I make updates to my published game?

  3. If I change the name of my game, will the new version be a separate game or will Core know to overwrite the older one with the new one?

  4. If the game is published privately and then published publicly, will the link to the game stay the same or will both versions of the game be available?

  5. If I save my game file with a new filename, will that matter when I want to update my published game?

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  1. The number, no. The text it's the name you set when you publish.
    Like my game is 65766b/attack-on-crystal-cave, the number 65766b is not under my control, but the name is the one I set on the first publish "Attack on Crystal Cave".
  2. ID is permanent AFAIK.
  3. It will overwrite the older one, and public name will be different but the ID will still be the same. Right now my game is named "Attack on Crystal Cave [PvP]", but the "[PvP]" part was not on the first publish so it's not on the ID
  4. Same ID, same link
  5. A friend had some issues with this. Be careful to change files from the filesystem. He endedup with the files on his computer "disconnected" from the game on Core and when he publish it created another Game. Unless you know what you are doing, I would recommend to not change anything without the Core Editor

Thanks a bunch!

I tend to make a lot of clones of my game file as backups just in case. I guess I'll have to just make sure I edit the same file once it goes live.

I'm using Git to backup my files and also have a versioning system. That's the best way to work