Puppet Masters - Holloween Event!


The Hollow is celebrating their annual holiday of Holloween! The towns people will be partying and the Mayor, Sir Rattles Clinkerton, along with his Servant Grog, are making their first public appearance! Monsters drop candy and Jack-O-Lanterns need to be lit to earn exclusive cosmetic items and XP boosting treats. The Seasonal Fox effigy has also been set ablaze to commence this spooky occasion!

The Holloween currencies are split up into 1 farmable currency, the Holloween Candy, and 1 time-gated currency, Holloween Badges. Candy has a chance to drop from any of the enemies in the game, the higher level they are the higher the drop chance is. The Badges are earned by completing a daily to find, and light, 5 Jack O Lanterns in the woods!

The reward items include the first 2 consumables in Puppet Masters, XP and Gold Treats. Each one boosts XP or Gold by 20% for 15 minutes and you can buy as many of them as you want!

The other 2 items are cosmetic hats for the puppets, a Pumpkin Head and a Witch Hat! The Pumpkin head is 100 candy and 2 badges, the Witch Hat is 200 candy and 5 badges. Complete all 7 dailies to get both!

The final piece is some party goer NPCs were added around the town! They each have their own character and are up to something...

Happy Holloween!

- Trikeri
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