Props for a Coffee Shop


So much thanks to NoobDadGamer!

Greeting Core comrades! If you are looking to help a fellow Core creator out, I have here the complete list of all the props I still need for my coffee shop and the surrounding world!

At the Counter

  • coffee stirrers
  • straws
  • a million novelty mugs

On the Floor

  • backpacks hanging on chairs
  • a partially knitted sweater on the needles
  • board game pieces ? (I have chess)

Back Kitchen

  • a three-tub sink for washing dishes
  • shelving for storing product
  • ice machine
  • blender

Gas Station

  • gas pumps

Community Garden

  • wheelbarrow
  • beehives
  • planters and supports
  • green house

To see the current aesthetic for the coffee shop, check it out on instagram:

Or on old twitch vods:

Proper dev log with a shoutout to ALL THE AMAZING CREATORS whose community content I am using so far coming soon!


Oh, and I forgot any costumized animated meshes for the kookie regulars! I use the standardcombo costume script

Updated for the finished props! Thanks again NoobDadGamer!

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Stir sticks and a beginning to "Million mugs" are posted. :slight_smile:

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