Project won't load because Main Tree is invalid?


Does anyone know how you could get this error?

Text: Failed to load the game definition. Errors:
Read trees: Read partitions
Main tree is invalid
Failed to find Child XXXXXX for Object XXXX

The error message uou're getting is a failure to launch the game as CORE can't find a specific Object which is the child of an other Object.

The specific child could have been deleted by mistake or moved to a different folder.

Have you tried deleting the "ChildIds : 13838654710291077289" line of the Tree.pbt file ?

Tree.pbt is located inside your project folder : %\CORE\Saved\Maps[Your Game Name]\Data\Tree\Tree.pbt

However, if there are several folders inside you hierarchy there might be several Tree.pbt

Tree.pbt can be opened in any text editor, it should look roughly like this :

Tree example