Project not showing in Core Client

I've logged into Core Create to find that my project I've worked on for a week seems to be missing. The weird thing is that the files are there in the Maps folder on my computer but it's like the Core Client won't read them.

Anyone else experience and is there a convenient workaround? I'd really like to not have to redo the last five days of work.

In case anyone else comes across this, the solution is listed on the support page of the Core website. Here's the flow:

  1. Create a new project in Core create and then exit the platform
  2. Navigate to where your autosaves are kept; it should be under My Games\Core\Saved\Autosaves\Standard and the folder will be just a string of letters and numbers
  3. Inside that folder will be some folders and a couple files. Copy those.
  4. Navigate into the folder where that new project was created. It will be inside something like My Games\Core\Saved\Maps
  5. Delete the contents of that folder and paste in the contents of your autosave folder.
  6. Launch Core and you should find your project restored to the state of the last autosave.