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About Me

Hi there! My name is Anthony and I specialize in programming. I have 3 years of programming experience with 1.5 years being Lua. Although I've only been on the platform for 3 months, I hope my showcases manifest how quickly I've adapted to the platform.


Below you will find video and screenshots of systems I have worked on in Core and am currently working on. You will also find code snippets of how the system works.

Garden of the Lost Lands (GGJ 2021)

Garden of the Lost Lands by DocBdesign - Core Games

Programmer: InsertYourself
Environmental Artist: DocBDesign
Prop Artists: NoobDadGamer, NyaAlchemi

Special thank you to CoreLive for playing our game on stream! :heart:

Video: XcZ2SplEum

Ultimate Drift (Current Project WIP)

Custom intro to my drift-racing game. Showcases smooth camera manipulation, fading effects, and effective use of lerping.

Code: Friendpaste - Ultimate Drift Intro

Video: pbYyFbQYlA

Docs Deathmatch

DOCS DEATHMATCH by DocBdesign - Core Games

Custom Weapon Shop System that sequentially unlocks weapon skins based on your level. Weapons are spawned into the game for you to view on a need-to-see basis for basically 0 contribution to your mesh count.

Code: Friendpaste - Weapon Shop System

Video: 51TEEuW5X1

Custom Map Rotation System to cycle through maps after round ends. Made to work with the Deathmatch Frameworks.

Code: Friendpaste - Map Rotation System

Video: UKQretDYDw

Bean Kingdom (Bean Jam 2021)

Bean Kingdom by InsertYourself - Core Games

Custom game intro showcasing tweening UI and a click-to-start game interaction.

Code: Friendpaste - Bean Kingdom Intro

Video: M9NRBooFJQ

Custom dialog system that pans to the NPC that's talking!

Code: Friendpaste - Custom Dialog NPC

Video: 0zhKq1n5qe

Camera shake effect! Really simple but people were wondering how it was made so I will post it here :stuck_out_tongue:

Code: Friendpaste - Camera Shake and some other bean stuff

Video: UMg02ye2H2


My schedule is unstable at the moment because I often stay up all night working in the editor. That's how much I love developing on Core <3. I'm willing to give up my sleep cycle to do the hobby I love! I am willing to put in the same work for our game if you collab with me. I always get things done in an organized and timely matter. I am only unavailable on weekend mornings because I work a part-time job between 7:00am and 3:30pm.


The best way to contact me is through discord: Insert#0865

Thank you for reading! :slight_smile:

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