Predator Paintball Arena

GAME NAME: Predators Paintball Arena
GAME VERSION: V1.0.23 - June 27, 2021
GAME LINK: Predators Paintball Arena by Morituri_SK - Core Games

Paintball game for summer jam contest, my first creation ever in CORE!

  • 5 markers and premuim ammo (plus a golden secret) for the glory earned
  • two game modes TeamTag and HoldTheFlag, 4 playfields (2 for each mode)
    TT - up to 5 elimination rounds, 3 wins grants a victory
    HtF - 5mins, hold the flag with respawns. The more players hold, the more points
    - loosing team can get points for tagging winning team players too!
    Teams shuffles at the game over screen, to prevent one team dominating

Respawns have safe zone, where you can shoot from but can not be shot. To prevent spawnpoint camping.
Do not forget to reload tubes and air on respawn, no limit unless in game of HtF - time is a resource here, so make it like in a pit stop.
Marker shoots air, even with empty loader - like a real one (eyeless loader). Reload is limited to number of tubes on the back.


  • Game needs extensive testing atm, I will be glad for any feedback

  • I would like to add swap marker from right hand to the left and back (peeking out of bunkers) - yet, the animation is unavailable and player.scale can not be negative...

  • slide move (not a roll), yet no char animation exists to cover this (flying kick is not working, one is not able to move the animation down, as the mesh is holding ground during the animation)

  • If the game will get some love, more playfields (bigger, for more players), more game modes (military base occupation, paintball grenades ...)


  • players are not able to interact with the empty tube after reload as it was causing gambreaking bugs.
  • added 2 new maps, to have more variability. HtF lasts now 4 minutes instead of 5 or 500 total points.

V:1.0.9 Updated -> player who has joined during TT match ended locked up in the respawn area until the game ends in a draw - CORRECTION: added triggers to move a stuck player into the fray.

just released, V:1.0.5, game needs feedback now , more than anything

Team elimination video capture

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