Platform Runner Adventure

GAME NAME: Platform Runner Adventure
GAME LINK: Platform Runner Adventure EASY by Magnuslefou - Core Games

Go on an Adventure in a platform game alternating puzzle and high speed gameplay set up in different worlds.

Try your best to get the fastest run or just chill out on the trip.

Challenge your friends and other Core players with the Speed Run Ranking System.

Creators : Magnus Lefou & Aira Lithzek

Special Thanks for Community Contents :
Aphrim, TeamMETA, Bigglebuns, Slinkous, PiousLachance, WaveParadigm, TheMinotaurus, Vilva.
Dracowolfie, Zeus, Seth, PatrickWalker, Iconocube, Johnhenderson1963, RIPSQUAD, Nezberet.

Preparing Platform Runner Adventure 2


  • Initial release


  • Best time displayed in UI correctly


  • Nameplates added
  • Fixed camera orientation on respawn

1.0.9 to 1.0.11

  • Minor Fixes


  • Major changes inside Neon Level to be less shiny and have less weird reflects
  • Added Restart Input
  • Added multiple sound and light effects (Axe, Respawn, Flying Hands, Crushing Walls, Torches)
  • Remove Nameplates onself for better visibility
  • Debug sound of fires in castle
  • Improve VFX visibility at higher distance for VFX that need to be seen from a longer distance
  • Added a little tutorial in lobby, just in case
  • Remove the big curtain in the castle to avoid people to think they are stuck


  • Major changes to the whole game difficulty to make the whole game easier and to die less often
  • Added a lot of checkpoints
  • A lot of traps were reworked to be slower
  • Some kill triggers were reduced or removed
  • Neon level totally reworked
  • Some weak platform were replaced by static platforms
  • Some platform size were increased
  • Added more sound effects
  • Reduced the power of some musics and sound effects
  • Reduced UI size for more visibility

1.0.14 & 1.0.15

  • More changes to make the game easier and trap patterns easier to read
  • Added sound, color and platform to make the game easier to finish and to understand
  • Other minor changes to decrease difficulty
  • Added more checkpoints

1.0.16 & 1.0.17

  • Ajusted a pirate cannon orientation and another cannon for his trigger size to fit the real size of the cannon.
  • Added more clue to succeed the last level.
  • Added more electric arcs in castle to fit the real kill trigger size.
  • Fixed a bug that reset timer while pressing N but respawn the player at checkpoint instead of startline when N is pressed during player death (Thank you ZeroGForce for bug report).

1.0.18 & 1.0.19

  • Minor fixes on respawn and spiders

1.0.20 & 1.0.21
Multiples nerf to help Core beginners:

  • Blades nerfed in the castle

  • Longer platform to jump in the water of the castle

  • Fixes and nerf of pushing walls in the castle

  • More clues to suceed the last level

  • Added a plank to make one hole size smaller in the bridge

  • Removed the first hole in the bridge.

  • Fix cannon collision to make bump smoother.

1.0.22 to 1.0.24

  • Minor fixes.

  • Decoration changes to Endline.

  • Added tutorial information.

  • Changed Giant Spider scream to fit her size.

  • Hard Mode in coming ! Same game but with the original settings at the first release before all nerfs but with all game fixes.

1.0.25 & 26

  • Minor fixes


  • Decoration changes to Endline.
  • Modified tutorial information for more precision and to be less confusing.
  • Changed material of the ring in the dragon map to reflect a non-dangerous state.

Nerf at the end of the bridge :

  • Speed of Plank drop for better pattern visibility
  • Shifted a Plank on the side of the bridge to be less punitive.

1.0.28 & 1.0.29

  • Minor fixes

Major changes :

  • Times are displayed in minutes, seconds and milisecond in UI and Leaderboard.
  • Added a new leaderboard that counts completed adventures.
  • Changed the electrical anomaly that roam in the kitchen to looks more dangerous.

Ajustments/Nerfs :

  • Planks of the bridge won't kill when player touch them, it will only kills when player are crushed by planks.
  • Axes of the kitchen won't kill when they rise, but only when they will fall.
  • Rework all fires to be more impressive and easier to dicern their hitbox (I hope it won't make your computer explode, tell me if you notice too much fps drop).
  • Removed water on the second island to be less confusing about water danger.
  • Added more arrows to cannons on barks to help players orienting.

Aesthetics :

  • Added some decorative stuff to lobby (decals and effects).
  • Filled the hole between the roof and the wall in the kitchen.
  • Big walls now touch the ground in Neon level.

1.0.31 to 1.0.33

  • Minor fixes.


  • Players camera face the good direction after respawn to help players orienting
  • Changed the game name to Platform Runner Adventure EASY