Platform Limits

Hey there, we started a collection of common questions we get regarding limitations of Core and the platform and now have a big list of answers to them for you to go over. Please let us know if anything is missing our needs clarification! We will also add these to our Docs/API where it makes sense.


  • Name: 3 to 20 characters.
  • Movement Speed Limit: No limit.
  • Fall Speed/Velocity Limit: 4037.77 cm/s (at default gravity).
  • Walkable Floor Angle - Can set to 90 in editor, but UE4 limits to 60.
  • Player scale: Uniform scale on x,y,z axis.

Game Publishing/Management

  • Players per game server: 32
  • Server instances per game: No limit. Auto-scales.
  • Screenshots: 5.
  • Game name: 5 to 30 characters.
  • Description: 2,000 characters.
  • Tags: 5.
  • Size on disk: 100MB for templates. 500MB for games.
  • Parent-Child Games: Max 32 child games.
  • 64 scenes per game.
  • Maximum size of a scene: 100mb

Storage Limits

  • Persistent Storage per player per key: 32kb. (Get|SetPlayerData())
  • Storage keys: 8 keys per game.


  • Total entries: 1000 (each entry for daily/weekly/monthly/global counts toward this).
  • More than 1000 scores can be submitted for players (no limit), but only the top ones will return in the API requests.
  • Additional data field: String with 8 characters or fewer.
  • Scores per player cannot be decreased or deleted. Only increased.
  • Scores larger than 24 bits begin losing precision.

World / Environment

  • World size: 2,097,152 x 2,097,152 x 2,097,152 cm (maximum dimension before being considered "out of world" is 1,048,576 cm). Fidelity degrades at extreme distances as floating point precision is lost.


  • Networked objects: 4000 / number of players.
  • Networked events broadcast: 10 per second (per player).
  • Event broadcast size: 1280 bytes.
  • Networked custom properties: No limit, but replication of values to clients slows down progressively as more properties or larger strings are added.
  • Player private networked data: Depends on the combined size of keys and values. Maximum is 32kB total across all keys and values. (Get|SetPrivateNetworkedData()).
  • Replication bandwidth: 30kb/s. After this, the probability of loss increases.
  • Player movement: Server-authoritative, but predicted on client.


  • Must usually be inside a client-context to function.
  • Overall particle draw limit for volumes (UE4 hard coded limit, you can see this if your volume does not get any different at a high volume/plane size when increasing density. You need to add another volume in this case.)
  • Internal particle draw limits (you can see this if an effect starts playing, then stops producing effects, then restarts after a short delay)
  • Internal LoD on objects (LoD0 is generally from 0 - 4500 LoD1 is 4500 - 7000 and LoD2 is 7000+)
  • Per Effect Limits (tailored in blueprints by Manticore per effect)


  • Total terrains: 5 per scene.
  • Terrains with collision: 1 per scene.
  • Materials: 4 per terrain.
  • Terrain memory limit: Based on the "terrain complexity" - basically, how many voxels are active. Tall terrains are more expensive.
  • Memory limit depends on the number of max players:
    • 1-4 max players: 50 MB.
    • 5-8 max players: 75 MB.
    • 9+ max players: 100 MB.

Game Settings

  • Teams: 1-4 (with an additional neutral team, 0)
  • Chat Position: -8000 to 8000
  • Chat Horizontal Size: 450 to 800
  • Chat Vertical Size: 175 to 900
  • Max/Min Contact Size: Tooltip says “Clamped to be >= 0.0001”

Weapon / Equipment

  • One weapon/equipment per socket, if using the default pickup triggers.
  • 9 shots / second for best feel.


  • Friends: 256 per player.
  • Portals/Transfer game: 10 second cooldown.
  • Camera.Capture() returns nil if it runs out of space. CameraCapture.Release() frees up space.

Storage Limits

  • How often can storage be saved (per second)


  • How fast before it updates on all instances upon sending the score (can we send 10 scores per second, and does it appear immediately)
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Does it only count actual data/variables? I noticed that when saving data to storage as tables within tables the storage file size was way larger than 16kb per player.

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Please let us know if anything is missing or needs clarification!

Player Name: is 2 to 30 characters (AJ is a valid name in use anyways). used to get truncated to 20 characters, while the site provided full length. When chat came out it too showed full length names. Some fair bit of time after that stopped being truncated.

For Leaderboards, yes, there is 1000 limit. Global leaderboards only use 1 entry per entry. Each of the other types of leaderboards use 2 entries. So for example the largest daily leaderboard you could have would be 500 entries.

I think for Portals/Transfer game the 10 second cooldown does not apply if it is a child going to a parent.

  1. Storage frequency: There is no limit on how fast you can set storage.
  2. Leaderboard propagation speed: Unknown/undefined at this point.

Does it mean that for non-shared storage, its 16kb, and on top of non-shared storage, you can get up to 8 keys x 16kb per player using the shared storage?

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I believe you are correct in this interpretation. However, only testing would confirm it 100%.

Persistent Storage per player per key is 32kb now.