Plant movement

Hi there. I was wondering if it was possible to turn off the animations for the plant models? I am creating an indoor scene with some potted plants and having them blow in the wind makes it look unrealistic.

Many thanks

As an aside, I think the fern leaf movement is far too large and should be made a bit more subtle.

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I found that too, in fact thats the plant I am trying to use for my indoor scene but it moves like its trying to escape!

If you select the Fern, in the Properties view press New Custom Material. This will create a custom material and assign it to this object--exposing many more properties including wind intensity (which you can set to zero).

Most static mesh assets from Core Content have this feature and there are LOTS of options that you can get lost exploring and using in creative ways. After you have a custom material you can then assign it to other meshes to mix and match.