Pixel Art Game Collaboration

Why should I be interested?
If you like guessing games then this is the collab for you! I am creating a "guess that pixel art" type of game and would like your help to create a vast array of quality pixel arts for players to guess from! These pixel art creations take some time to produce and so I would like anyone who is interested to help and join in!

How do I do it?
I created a video tutorial on how to make the pixel arts that work with the CC made by @togagames and @CommanderFoo. Shoutouts to them for making this amazing CC.

Video Tutorial: Core Pixel CC Tutorial - YouTube

What do I get out of this?
Once the game starts making money I will equally share the profits with everyone that has contributed and based on how many they have contributed. Until there is a way to transfer Credits between people, you will be paid via PayPal. Or you can wait in the long-term until we can transfer Credits. How much we owe you will be kept track of.

You also get credits in-game. For example, when the art is revealed. It will say, "[Art] made by [Creator]."
For example, "Charizard made by InsertYourself."

If you want to create pixel art for this game or have any questions, you can contact me on discord.
My discord tag: Insert#0865

Thank you for taking the time to read. Very appreciated :blush:


Just letting you know that the CC you are showing off is by Togagames, not me. That is the older way to do Pixel Art. We have developed a new tool that we will be releasing soon.

Just thought I would let you know as I don't want to receive credit for something I didn't do :stuck_out_tongue:

Good stuff though.

Once our tool is out, would love to see a tutorial on that.

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I've had discussions with togagames on discord about the algorithm to minimize the amount of generated meshes and he said, "Thanks and to CommanderFoo who started the script." So although the name is by togagames, you were part of the process and so I would like to give proper credit to anyone involved :slight_smile: