Petition to allow for custom textures/decals/other images

I don't think the Art Help category is necessarily correct, but I don't see one for suggestion discussions, so here I go.

I've been working on a few custom decals for something I'm working on, and it takes FOREVER. I would like it if we were able to upload custom pngs, etc. to be able to quickly introduce new decals, textures, etc. I know this is a big ask, but I feel like others would be grateful for it as well. Roblox does this, so I don't see why it can't be done here too :slight_smile:.

As an example, I created this 7 decal today which took me about 4 hours:

This is made up of 27 individual decals all precisely placed to make the final result:

7 decal list 2

Not only is this extremely time consuming, but it also probably isn't very optimized either. While it is fun to experiment with techniques for this, it would probably be better if I could have done it in a matter of minutes instead.

I know it's up to the devs, but what do you guys think?

Allow custom pngs?
  • Yes
  • No

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Really second that. Kitbashing is a good feature, but shouldn't replace nor restrict the creativity of the developer from doing custom assets in other software like Krita or Blender 3D to put a couple of examples.

That it might be hard to "moderate" these custom assets? That people can upload non-royalty free content? Allow for other users to moderate them by being able to spot the rips from copyrighted material and report them to be taken down. And as a measure to avoid "bots", just allow users with more than 3 weeks old accounts and good standing to be able to do these reports. Ah, but this should go to Suggestions, not here I'm afraid.