GAME LINK: PARABELLUM Vietnam OPEN BETA by RealLifeKirito - Core Games

Welcome to your first Tour of Duty, soldier, in PARABELLUM: Vietnam, CORE's only Vietnam War FPS! Deploy to fight overseas in this controversial conflict with iconic Vietnam War weaponry in lush Vietnamese jungles, villages, cities and other environments! In the Open Beta's first map, OPERATION STARLITE, enlist with the United States Marine Corps (USMC) or fight under the banner of the North Vietnamese Army (NVA)! Partake in intense jungle combat in the first available game mode, 8 v 8 Conquest, and wage jungle infantry warfare with eight (and counting!) weapons from the Vietnam War era. From M-16s to AKs and from RPKs to M-60s, pick-up these weapons around the battlefield and engage in from the hip warfare! If you want peace, you best PREPARE FOR WAR!

PARABELLUM: Vietnam hopes to bring back the likes of BATTLEFIELD: Vietnam and thrust players into a variety of combat zones set within the Vietnam War with dozens of iconic weapons at their disposal and vehicles of the era at their command. It's hoped that flyable helicopters, drivable tanks, jeeps, boats and other vehicles can be achieved as well as a proper implementation of features such as Artillery and Mortar Strikes, Napalm Bombing Runs, Flamethrowers and a possible class system. However, it is likely some of these may not come to fruition but it's hoped that more maps, more modes, more factions, more weapons and the inclusion of vehicular combat can be included.

log of your game's version notes, copy from game page. example:
1.0.0 - Initial release
1.0.2 - Expansion of Point C, Bug Fixes, Addition of New Prop (Huey Helicopter)
1.0.3 - New Sound Effects for all weapons, two new weapons (M-40 Sniper Rifle and PPSH-41)
1.0.4- M-16A1 Audio changed, edited volume of some audio elements, new weapon (M-72 LAW rocket launcher), new Wooden Bunker near point B
1.0.4 - 1.0.11- Heavily modified map additions to foliage, new weapon (M-2 Flamethrower), modified sound effects


PARABELLUM: VIETNAM is a piece of entertainment and is in no way, shape or form a way to inform yourself on the Vietnam War conflict. This is purely an entertainment piece.

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Very nice! :grinning: :+1: Keep up the good work.

Some feedback: There seems to be too many ferns that drown out most of the land, try adding some rocks as well instead of a plain area and couple slight bumps or small hills in the terrain. You can use some bumps already made, to find it, go to 3D objects > Basic Shapes > Organic.

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Well, there are slight bumps and slight hills in the terrain thanks to this being generated with such by the terrain creator. I wanted to emulate plenty of the open jungle Landing Zones that the US and other allies used to drop off troops, supplies and establish outposts or to set up footholds. Plenty of these LZs were open areas with little to no cover and were either flat or slightly hilly.

The heavy ground cover looks pretty accurate to a lot of the war movies set in that era at least. Never been to Vietnam to compare, but if you're going for Apocalypse Now and Full Metal Jacket, you nailed it.

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You have no idea how happy that just made me!!!! Thanks for the praise! I really consider that high praise :smiley: